10 things about Lorelai that have aged badly

Lorelai Gilmore is the beating heart of Gilmore Girls. Fast-paced hostel manager, caffeine addict, and pop culture obsessed host turned hostel owner, Lorelai is featured in every episode, elevating the series and helping transform it into the modern classic it is today.

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Yet for all of her strengths as a character, Lorelai is also somewhat problematic, and fans are increasingly aware of that. Whether it’s her self-sabotaging instincts or her unconventional parenting style, Lorelai has her fair share of flaws. Her character is all the more complex and endearing because of them, but they also make her more confrontational, especially in today’s social climate.


His treatment of Max Medina

Lorelai and Max look serious on Gilmore Girls

Of all of Lorelai’s boyfriends, Max Medina is arguably the best. He was gentle, understanding and supportive. He cared about Rory and was very patient with Lorelai. Their relationship evolved too quickly and their engagement was a mistake, no doubt. Yet his treatment of him was reprehensible at best.

Ending her engagement overnight and running away on a whirlwind trip with Rory to avoid facing the situation is one of Lorelai’s worst mistakes on Gilmore Girls. Additionally, his attempts to ‘apologize’ when the two meet again in Chilton prove to be overbearing and selfish, especially when he repeatedly tells her he’s comfortable with the situation and runs away. literally from her.

His relationship with Christophe

Lorelai always saw Christopher as a permanent but impractical option when it came to her love life. She knew he had strong feelings for her and even encouraged them. The two spend over twenty years having an entanglement over and over again that ends with their unhappy marriage in season seven.

Their whole relationship seems horribly dysfunctional. Christopher was in need and insecure Gilmore Girls, a perpetual child in every sense of the word, forcing Lorelai to become stricter than she would otherwise be. On the other hand, she was never in the 100% relationship, mainly because Christopher had a deep connection to the world she was desperately trying to escape, the Gilmore world.

His treatment of Luke

Luke and Lorelai are dancing

Like she did with Christopher, Lorelai always seemed to keep Luke hooked. She knew how much he cared for her and Rory, even though she acted like she didn’t. Luke went out of his way to help the Gilmore Girls, whether that was lending his truck so Lorelai could drive to New Haven to deliver Rory’s mattress or caring for Rory when she had chickenpox when she was a child.

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In more ways than one, Lorelai and Luke’s relationship seems somewhat one-sided. Yes, Lorelai also supported Luke countless times, but she depended on him more than he did on her. She used him as a handyman, a cook and a shoulder to cry on, and in a way, took advantage of his feelings for her.

His global vision of the world

Lorelai Gilmore standing in Hanlin Charleston's office at Gilmore Girls

Lorelai was not the most eccentric inhabitant of Gilmore GirlsThe quaint and seemingly idyllic town of Stars Hollow, but she had a fairly laid-back and perhaps simplistic take on the world. In an ironic twist, Lorelai was just as damaging as her posh parents, but addressed her intolerance to those in Gilmore’s world.

Her unique perspective gave the show its signature essence, but it also made it overly impulsive and, at times, even somewhat boring.

His lack of emotional intelligence

gilmore girls one year in the life lorelai wild hike moment

Speaking of Lorelai’s impulsiveness, her lack of emotional intelligence was by far one of the worst aspects of her character. Worse yet, the show tried to present this trait as endearing. Indeed, Gilmore Girls‘the initial premise was based on the fuzzy parental lines between Rory and Lorelai on Gilmore Girls.

However, Lorelai’s immaturity often became frustrated. She kissed Max in Chilton without caring about the impact it would have on Rory’s college career. She calls Christopher during her bachelorette party when she begins to feel anxious about her marriage and often lashes out at her mother without questioning her own actions. Surprisingly, Lorelai’s lack of emotional intelligence never caused her any serious problems, which is surprising in hindsight.

His contentious relationship with Emily

Lorelai and Emily - Gilmore Girls Awakening

Gilmore Girls often shows how similar Lorelai and Emily are. Therefore, the real tragedy of the series is their inability to find common ground despite their similarity. Lorelai goes out of her way to be the complete opposite of Emily, ironically becoming more like her in the process.

Looking back, it becomes clear that Lorelai and Emily are making their relationship more controversial than it should be. They are obsessed with their respective schticks and too proud to admit any wrongdoing. And if their difficulties are very entertaining, they can sometimes become boring.

She takes advantage of her parents’ wealth

Gilmore Girls' Paris interacts with Richard and Emily Gilmore.

For someone who has such a contempt for wealthy families, Lorelai isn’t afraid to reap the rewards that come with being a Gilmore. Rory goes to Chilton then to Yale because of Emily and Richard, and later Christopher. She also has an investment in her name worth $ 75,000, thanks to her father. During the rebirth, Emily loans her enough money to develop the dragonfly, all so that she can continue working with Michele.

Even small things like funeral arrangements because the Gilmores have a mausoleum (and an annex!). Lorelai is a self-taught businesswoman; it is true. However, it is also true that she enjoys the tremendous support of her very wealthy parents.

Her relationship with Jason

Jason Styles could very well be one of the worst characters in Gilmore Girls. Her whims appeared forced, and her snotty charm dried up quicker than expected.

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Things got worse when he reunited with Lorelai. Jason’s cynical and hyper personality became overwhelming when paired with Lorelai’s own brand of sour satire. Unlike Luke’s dry humor or even Christopher’s childish charm, Jason’s character didn’t contrast with Lorelai’s, but rather mingled with Lorelai’s, and the relationship quickly became annoying. To make matters worse, the show hints that Lorelai only agreed to date him to upset Emily, making their whole relationship even more dysfunctional.

His refusal to see Rory’s flaws

rory on the phone on gilmore girls

Rory made a lot of mistakes throughout Gilmore Girls, but Lorelai still found a way to excuse them. In his eyes, Rory is perfect and can’t do anything wrong. The only time she shows her disapproval is when Rory decides to leave Yale, leading to their most important fight ever.

However, she’s back to apologize for her child’s questionable behavior at the time of the first wake-up call. When she learns that Rory is sleeping with Logan, engaged, she ignores him with a “bad luck” expression on her face. She also apologizes for the horrible behavior of her human punching bag daughter Paul. Time and time again, Lorelai holds back the idea that Rory is superior to others, even when she is far from the perfect child the Gilmores think she is.

Her unconventional parenthood

Gilmore Girls Rory and Lorelai

Lorelai is no ordinary mother, she is a costs mom. She gives her daughter coffee and burgers, and the two go to eat candy during their many movie nights. They talk about everything from school to sex, and there is no taboo between them. Lorelai treats Rory like a friend, not like a girl, and that can’t be fair.

While this fun approach to parenthood is Gilmore Girlscornerstone, it is not the healthiest in hindsight. This may also be the reason why Rory was not at all prepared for a real challenge. She has always been overprotected by everyone: Lorelai, Luke, Richard, Emily. And while she led a privileged life, it is clear that she did not receive the tools necessary to be a functional adult.

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