6 Exciting MBA Jobs You Can Get In Southeast Asia

If you are looking for a fast-paced and constantly evolving career, South East Asia (SEA) might be your best bet. SEA is one of the largest economic regions in the world, with continued economic growth at a rapid pace, meaning that there is an influx of exciting and unique MBA jobs available for avid business school graduates. challenges.

Not to mention that the high levels of English proficiency in countries like Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia ensure that the region attracts a host of international English-speaking graduates.

Here are six of the most exciting MBA jobs you could land in the rapidly evolving SEA region, and how an MBA in Asia could equip you with the skills you need to be successful in your career.

1. Security and Compliance Specialist, Technology Sector

With Asia at the forefront of the technological and digital sector, those looking to work at the forefront of the industry should look no further.

The ASB MBA teaches many technology courses such as digital marketing, allowing students to combine their generalist business knowledge with more specialized, future-oriented skills.

With a top-notch business degree, you could embark on an MBA career at Microsoft, one of the world’s leading technology companies. This is exactly what Deepika Mahankali did after her ASB MBA, landing a position as Regional Business Program Manager in the APAC region after graduation. She has since taken on a new role as a Technical Security and Compliance Specialist at Microsoft.

During the MBA, Deepika learned coding and application development. She was even able to test an app idea and create a prototype, giving her the experience she would need to build a career at a leading tech company.

2. ESG manager, oil and gas sector

Many business schools educate students on important topics like sustainability, preparing future business leaders for MBA jobs that enable them to tackle pressing issues facing the environment.

ASB is no different. Through courses in Sustainable Business and Markets, Public Policy and Sustainability, you will learn about the impact of business decisions on the environment and how you can strategize to create a business that is both profitable and non-contributing. to climate change.

After you graduate, you might look for MBA jobs in ESG, an assessment measure that takes into account a company’s performance related to environmental, social, and governance factors. This can range from working in infrastructure to responsible investment advice.

You could follow in the footsteps of ASB MBA graduate Mathias Varming. He is now ESG manager at oil and energy company Ping Petroleum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he helps his company move towards the Net Zero agenda by tackling greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Product marketing manager, unicorn startup

SEA is home to an abundance of local unicorn startups, like Singapore-born companies Matrixport and Lazada, making it a great place to hone your knowledge on what it takes to start a business.

Matthew Osofisan is an American graduate of the Asia School of Business (ASB) who used his MBA to build a career working for the super app Grab, a Malaysian-born unicorn startup that provides rideshare, delivery and financial.

As Head of Product Marketing, Matthew improves the customer experience for the billion dollar startup at Grab’s Singapore headquarters.

The 20-month ASB MBA program devotes several courses to entrepreneurship, covering topics such as scalable entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial strategy. Meanwhile, through their intensive LA program, you will be able to test your entrepreneurial skills while conducting market research to create a profitable product, receiving feedback from ASB speakers experienced in building or supporting companies.

4. Head of blockchain technology, fintech sector

The fintech scene in Asia continues to grow stronger due to the large amount of foreign investment supporting the sector in the region. In 2019 alone, around $ 1.6 billion was invested in fintech startups in Southeast Asia.

ASB offers courses on financial analysis and innovation. Additionally, as the ASB is in partnership with the MIT Sloan School of Management, students also learn from a mix of ASB and MIT professors who are experts in digital transformation and finance.

Former ASB Varun Singhi used his degree to become head of blockchain technology at Stealth Mode, a Malaysian fintech startup, where he is developing Malaysia’s first regulated and compliant digital asset exchange service.

During his studies, he prepared for his MBA career by working on LA projects at an Indonesian startup and a commercial bank in Vietnam. “Learning by doing allows you to think about how you change in a dynamic environment,” says Varun.

5. Responsible for operations and business development, real estate

The real estate industry has seen tremendous growth across Asia and as a result offers diverse and exciting MBA jobs.

Originally from Nigeria, Dare Oluwajuyitan, used his ASB MBA to “triple” (change function, industry and location) in a role of director of operations and business development at a real estate company based in Thailand.

Dare has dipped his toes in private equity, television and real estate throughout his ASB AL projects. However, he set his sights on a career in real estate after becoming interested in real estate technology, or proptech, which involves using technology to make transactions smoother and inform the design of buildings.

A graduate of the ASB MBA, Dare has found an exciting MBA job in Thai real estate © Dare Oluwajuyitan

6. Chief of staff, travel and e-commerce

An MBA offers the perfect way to hone your management and leadership skills in a stimulating environment while learning about new business industries.

As part of the Asia School of Business (ASB) MBA, you will work on five consulting projects across Asia as part of the Action Learning (AL) program, developing your knowledge of the landscape commercial while applying the theory of the course to real situations.

Yizhen Fung, an ASB alumnus, describes these projects as the “crown jewel” of her ASB experience. She leveraged her experience working at a Thai bank, Hanoi-based beverage company, and Hong Kong beauty firm to land a Chief of Staff position at AirAsia.com, an international leader in aviation and one of ASB’s business partners.

“If you break down the skills I needed to thrive in a volatile environment, it’s the ability to learn and unlearn quickly, to adapt to the needs of a new environment,” she notes, explaining that these are the same skills she acquired throughout her ASB. AL projects.

9b296c2c7eaa178d00741f99087e0b004cb95a1c.pngASB alumnus Yizhen thrives in MBA job at Air Asia

Clearly, whether you want to launch a dynamic new career in tech or tap into the continued need for property management experts or innovative startups, there are plenty of MBA jobs available in the rapidly growing SEA region. An MBA might just be your ticket to make it happen.

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