66% of National University graduates are unemployed


Business administration students get more jobs and are also ahead in entrepreneurship

66% of students graduating from colleges affiliated with the National University are unemployed.

Although most of the country’s students have graduated from these colleges, two-thirds of them have not been able to find jobs.

Experts believe that this large number of unemployed graduates is having a negative impact on their families and the economy.

The data was revealed in a recent survey conducted by the independent research organization Bangladesh Institute for Development Studies (BIDS).

According to the survey, 21% of students get a job after graduation or after graduation, while 7% of students still pursue post-graduation or technical education or training in another subject and 3 % do something on their own.

Moreover, business administration students get more jobs and are also ahead in entrepreneurship. They work on their own initiative.

“Most of those who remain unemployed after graduating from the National University are studying other subjects outside of the business administration department,” BIDS said.

According to BIDS, they conducted the survey by phone from February to June this year and it was conducted on the basis of a random selection of students from 54 public and private colleges across the country. All participants graduated and post-graduated in 2017.

The survey was conducted with the aim of determining the extent to which graduates of the National University contribute to the national workforce.

The survey was attended by 1,639 students, 202 heads of educational institutions and 233 employees working in these educational institutions, BIDS said.

According to the survey, the average salary of graduates of the National University, who work at different workplaces, is around Tk 30,000.

62% of unemployed graduates come from non-commercial departments. However, during the pandemic, colleges under the National University were quite successful in online teaching and taking exams.

61% of students said they took online classes and exams during the pandemic.

However, 97% of National University graduate students complained that they did not receive any help from teachers or educational institutions when looking for a job after graduation.

Only 3% of students said they had the opportunity to find a job at their educational institution. 84% of graduates applied for jobs by looking at ads on the Internet or in newspapers, the survey adds.

Officials of educational institutions, who also participated in the survey, admitted that they have significant gaps in the area of ​​information technology. They urged the government to pay more attention and increase investment.

The survey also indicated that the total number of students in colleges under the National University is around 2 million. There are 2,154 public and private affiliated colleges, of which 279 are public colleges.

Previously, the World Bank also conducted a survey of National University students in 2019 and found that 46% of graduates were unemployed and had been looking for work for three years.

The unemployment rate is even higher in the BIDS survey.

According to the latest Labor Force Survey from the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), the unemployment rate among the educated population in the country is 47%.

Each year, 20 lakhs are added to the country’s labor force, but there is no job creation in this proportion. As a result, many remain unemployed, the BBS said.

According to the survey, within 12 months of graduating from the National University, students in the departments of business administration, mathematics, computer science and engineering, and environmental sciences, in particular, get more jobs.

Speaking to the Dhaka Tribune, Imran, a graduate of the English department at Government Bangla College in the capital, said he graduated in 2017 but did not yet have a job. He’s been trying for four years, but the future is bleak.

Savar College graduate Labonno Akter said she always wanted to do something on her own. But after trying for almost 5 years without finding a job, she is now fully engaged in household chores.

However, a number of students have stated that one of the reasons for this condition is the exaggeration of government jobs.

Millions of applicants apply each year, but only a few thousand get a job. But we see that a lot of people get involved in this race year after year.

They don’t even get government jobs, and as they age, private companies label them as non-potential. As a result, the number of unemployed continues to rise, they said.


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