711 people infected in 93 new coronavirus outbreaks in Michigan schools


Michigan health officials identified 93 new school-related COVID-19 outbreaks last week, which resulted in the infection of 711 students and staff.

Additionally, the state’s health department’s latest Weekly Outbreak Report, updated Tuesday, November 30, noted 534 ongoing outbreaks in previous reports, which resulted in the infection of 6,931 students and Staff. These outbreaks include at least one additional case in the past 28 days.

An outbreak is defined by the state health department as three or more cases with a link by location and time indicating shared exposure outside of a household. Schools continue to be the most common setting for reported COVID-19 outbreaks, as less than 50% of students are vaccinated and only 222 school districts have a mask policy, compared to 311 districts that do not.

The CDC recommends a layered approach to prevention strategies, including promoting vaccinations, wearing masks correctly, physical distancing, and promoting screening and testing for the disease.

Of the 93 new school outbreaks, 15 involved 10 or more students and staff. The most important new epidemics have occurred in:

  • Vassar Public Schools in Tuscola County, where 50 students and staff were infected;
  • Cass City High School in Tuscola County, where 41 students and staff were infected;
  • Caro High School in Tuscola County, where 40 students and staff were infected;
  • Caro Middle School in Tuscola County, where 29 students and staff were infected;
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School in Detroit, where 25 students and staff were infected.

Below is an online database that allows readers to search epidemic data by school name or by city or county. The number of people infected is a cumulative total since the start of the epidemic. (Note: Washtenaw County only reports cumulative totals for the past 28 days.)

Can’t see the database above? Click here.

Below is an interactive map showing the new and ongoing outbreaks listed in Monday’s report. You can hover your cursor over a point to see the underlying data.

Can’t see the map? Click here.

Outbreak data for K-12 schools includes only cases in which the student or staff were infected at school or during a school-related function. Those who caught the virus outside of school are not included.

The state includes this warning with the data: “This information does not provide a complete picture of school-related outbreaks in Michigan, and the absence of identified outbreaks at an educational institution does not provide evidence in any way. that, in fact, this school is not experiencing an epidemic. “

For more statewide data, visit MLive’s coronavirus data page, here.

To find a vaccine near you, eligible residents can visit the Michigan COVID-19 vaccine website or go to VaccineFinder.org. Injections are available through health systems, pharmacies, health services, doctor’s offices, and other registered providers.

If you have any questions about COVID-19 that you would like to answer, please submit them to [email protected] to be taken into account for future MLive reports.

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