A wishlist for Las Cruces in 2022


Dear Santa,

For our community, please send more rain. (I promise to conserve water better!) I would also ask:

Bumper harvests for fruit and vegetable vendors in our vibrant Farmers Market, more people buying healthy and tasty local foods – and growing at home; and McDonalds stopping selling so-called “nutritious” junk food that contributes to heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

The elimination of the horror on Main, between Lohman and Amador, the giant middle finger of a developer for the city government, which officials continue to promise, is being worked out. (And could you remove Amador Live, or at least reduce its volume to healthy, healthy levels?)

Meaningful, evidence-based discussion of school policies, with people from all sides listening.

More water!

A higher vaccination rate, both to improve the health of the community and to minimize disruption to our economy, health, recreation, and spending time with friends and family.

No more pickleball courts. Pickleball is a joy for all ages, despite the silly name. It’s a great exercise, with minimal potential for injury (non-contact). It’s growing rapidly, with many Las Crucens addicted to gambling. With Apodaca Park’s new grounds at times crowded, other outdoor venues are essential, especially for people who want to play without having to hang out with strangers unnecessarily. .

Continued printing of our local daily, the Sun-News – and continued success and support for radio stations KRWG and KTAL, our NPR affiliate and our local community radio station, respectively. They all help the community talk to each other, which is increasingly critical as other meaningful discussion forums disappear. And I promise to help all three.

Help many local nonprofits as well, including Community of Hope, Jardin de los Niños, La Casa, and Wildlife for All.

More opportunities to eat at The Shed, Luna Rossa, Willow and Blaine, Habañero, Nopalitos, La Nueva Casita, Aqua Reef, The Mix and other wonderful local restaurants – and have a great coffee at Milagro, Nessa’s, Beck’s and the Bean.

The leisure of watching the mountains come to life under the afternoon sun, then growing this incredible red, then becoming black shapes underlined by a rising moon; swap stories and discuss the problems of the day with friends in these cafes; and to visit the Bosque del Apache and watch thousands of crisp white snow geese rise from the water, bathed in the rich light of dawn, and watch the sandhill cranes return at dusk, their slender legs while as they attempt to land steadily in the changing winds.

A win (or two !?) for the Aggies in the NCAA basketball tournament. Chris Jans is a hell of a trainer, and Johnny McCants Sr. is a Cruces kid.

State legislative action on predatory lending, a state bank, strong support for early childhood education and all sane constitutional measures could reduce gun violence; and “business development” efforts that recognize the importance of the arts. Federal aid for the Downwinds. And more water, and less pecan orchards.

And, Father Christmas, a lump of coal for Joe Manchin, or leave him and the energy companies that own him with the grace to face the incredible suffering that their short-term greed and “usual politics” could. talk to their own grandchildren – and ours.

But most of all, allow me other opportunities to express my gratitude to this community and the caring people (whether we agree or not on the issues) who breathe life into it, our spirit of independence. Also, Foxy’s best bone, who’s hoping I’ll stop scribbling and throw the ball at him.

Good All to All!

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