Academic leadership: governance and management


When the SSR is uploaded to the website, it becomes a public document and remains in the public domain for all stakeholders in the system. This keeps them abreast of the availability of physical infrastructure, faculty, funding, research results, publications of the institution, in addition to the teaching-learning process. This gives a clear overview of the institution to all stakeholders. The administrative department should be aware of this fact that accreditation is based on quality, fairness and accountability. Regarding the physical and intellectual resources needed in institutions of the same size / performance are concerned without disparity.

The qualitative parameters refer to: Academic leadership must ensure that the governance of institutions must be in line with the vision statement. There should be a strategic plan in perspective with the empowerment of teachers in participatory management through the corporate life of the institution. The organizational structure of the institution must be explicit with regard to the various academic bodies, financial and HR practices. The IQAC should have a dynamic academic audit committee to periodically assess an institution’s performance against criteria. Technically our system reflects all of these parameters, but practically we find a number of shortcomings here and there.

Quantitative measures, on the other hand, focus on the following areas: implementation of e-governance, participation of teachers in academic conferences, organization of professional development programs for professors and staff, participation of professors and staff professional development programs, mobilization of financial resources, IQAC quality initiatives to develop a culture of quality and feedback from the various stakeholders.

Faculty at an institution must have a thorough understanding of both types of metrics. When transferring a professor from an institution, it should be mandatory for the faculty concerned to submit a report on the work carried out during the reference period in order to allow the IQAC to collect relevant evidence. Otherwise at the time of writing, SSR at the end of the cycle becomes difficult and the IQAC is handicapped for lack of such evidence.


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