Alumni want permanent principal appointed for Edwardes College

PESHAWAR: The Edwardes College Alumni Network expressed concern over the alleged drop in educational standards and poor administration at the prestigious educational institution and called for the appointment of a permanent director to improve situation.

The concern was expressed during the virtual meeting of the executive committee of the alumni organization chaired by its president Syed Tehsin Shah, a press release said. Participants included Dr Gulzar Jalal, Muhammad Bilal Sethi, Muhammad Sohail, Syed Haider Jan, Faisal Noushad, Sajid Iqbal, Ali Kazmi and others.

Members of the committee were concerned about complaints and dissatisfaction from students at Edwardes College over the alleged poor state of education in recent years, where they did not have properly furnished classrooms and others. teaching facilities.

They called on the government to look at the problems faced by students and take concrete steps to address them, thus stemming the drop in college education standards.

Members of the corps of elders recalled that despite clear instructions from the courts, the appointment of a permanent director was still pending due to which the institution failed to maintain the high educational standards for which it was known. in the past. The participants unanimously called on the government to appoint a permanent director for the college.

They said the current acting principal, who retired from the same college nearly two decades ago, was too old to work. Syed Tehsin Shah said that at the time the university leadership focused on students and their education, but unfortunately they were no longer taken into account.

The president of the alumni network asked the chairman of the board of governors of Edwardes College, the governor of KP Shah Farman, and the special assistant to the chief minister of higher education, Kamran Khan Bangash, himself Edwardian, to call a meeting of the board and to appoint a permanent director to the college no sooner than after the position is announced

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