Australia’s first SAP Academy to be hosted by the University of Victoria

It was recently announced that Victoria University has been chosen by SAP Australia and New Zealand (SAP ANZ) to host the country’s first SAP Academy. The expanded partnership aims to help Australians gain the skills needed for future employment in the tech industry.

More than 150 globally recognized certified courses are currently offered by German enterprise software giant SAP. This is part of the multinational’s commitment to ensuring an organization’s entire workforce remains prepared and skilled to thrive in today’s rapidly changing markets. This is in addition to meeting the ever-changing needs of a growing number of businesses, large and small, globally and locally.

In line with its partnership with the University of Victoria, an SAP Academy is to be launched in Australia where SAP certification training will be delivered by SAP certified instructors who have significant professional expertise in the field, as well as established network connections. Located in the new Victoria University City Tower in the heart of Melbourne’s central business district, University of Victoria Vice-Chancellor Professor Adam Shoemaker believes the country’s first SAP Academy will strengthen the long-standing partnership of the University. university with SAP ANZ.

“VU is a partner institution. By collaborating with world-renowned organizations like SAP, we are enriching our educational offering and providing greater career and professional opportunities for learners,” added Professor Shoemaker.

“We are delighted that SAP has chosen VU to deliver this globally recognized program. The partnership upholds VU’s reputation as a university that prepares and delivers industry-focused graduates,” he stressed.

University of Victoria hosts first SAP Academy in Australia

According to the press release, the current SAP Next Gen-Lab at the University of Victoria, which was founded in 2018, will move to the VU City Tower and support the recently unveiled SAP Academy. Masters students will continue to build their technical capabilities as well as industry-required soft skills in the SAP Next Gen-Lab.

In addition, the SAP Academic Competence Center (ACC) at the University of Victoria also supports the SAP University Alliances community in the Asia-Pacific Japan (APJ) region, which includes more than 600 educational institutions in 18 countries, 30 SAP Next-Gen Labs, 15 SAP Next-Gen Chapters, and non-traditional educational organizations, including nonprofit groups and accelerators. The strategic agreement, which was revealed in 2019, aims to foster the development of next-generation leaders through the use of the latest SAP innovations and technologies at universities across the region.

SAP ANZ President and CEO Damien Bueno said the University of Victoria has cutting-edge learning management technologies, as well as the specialist academics needed to deliver a compelling and relevant curriculum to hone skills. Australians in a variety of fields and professions. He added:

“Two years into the pandemic, organizations across Australia – large and small – are grappling with a wide variety of challenges. Many companies are looking to hone their workforce and recruit skilled technology talent quickly, in order to grow and stay nimble in the face of these challenges.

Additionally, Bueno said improving the skills of Australians and building the country’s digital skills capacity are important goals for technology providers, partners and universities. Ultimately, he said, these efforts help provide SAP customers and other organizations with the skilled workforce they need to achieve their goals, make constant adjustments, and achieve sustainable growth.

To learn more about the partnership with Victoria University, Bueno noted:

“We are delighted to partner with Victoria University to offer our globally recognized certifications in a face-to-face learning environment. Our vision is that the SAP Academy will be used by our customers and partners to meet their training needs and develop the capabilities they need to succeed now and in the future.

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