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Dec. 26, 2021, 5:34 p.m.

What if students aspire to become teachers at their alma mater, the educational institution where they previously studied? Many graduates have such a goal. It is generally considered an honor to be able to teach at the same institute where one has spent years as a student.

Mahaboba Jesmin Ekra, an economics student at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), is also an executive at the SUST Model United Nations Association (SUSTMUNA). She said, “It will be the greatest achievement of my life to be responsible for training students. Since I won’t need a lot of time to adjust to the surroundings, I will be able to use my time efficiently.

Ekra shared her thoughts when she learned that many academics do not return after their studies abroad, and that most of her classmates aim to settle in foreign countries. “I am looking for self-satisfaction which is not only to my advantage, including thousands of opportunities abroad. Instead, I would stay in my alma mater, where I educate people,” he said. -she adds.

Another student from the same department, Fariha Akter Tithi, also fomented the dream of being a teacher at SUST. “Obviously, it will be a happy feeling if I get the opportunity to share my attributes at SUST, where I have been a student for so long,” she admitted.

Dr Md Jamal Uddin, professor in the Department of Statistics at SUST, dreamed of becoming a teacher at SUST before he was admitted.

He was a teacher at a private university for six months. “While I was teaching at the university, I had to watch closely if I was following the rules of the authority. However, I have been at SUST for almost 22 years and I feel right at home,” he recalls. .

The tendency for students to become teachers has recently declined for a number of reasons. “After pursuing higher education abroad, when doctoral graduates compare the benefits and do not assess better future opportunities in Bangladesh, many of them move abroad,” he said. he adds.

Don’t those who have returned want to stay abroad? After completing his doctorate or post-doctorate, he could stay there. But the desire to return to SUST got the better of him. “Going to class and teaching the students in my mother tongue is one of the happiest moments of my teaching career,” he says.

In the case of assistant professor of economics at SUST, Tarik Aziz, the dream did not start from the start. He explained, “From the first year, I was interested in being a good student to safeguard the memory of the ‘brilliant student’ found in school and college life.” Good achievement and strong passion for tutoring student life then worked as a regulator to be a teacher at his alma mater.

The eternal beauty of the 320 hectares of the SUST campus has constantly congratulated him and seems to him to be a second home. He continued, “I have a great chance to learn more as a colleague of all my teachers than what I have learned in class.” For him, the greatest success in this profession is the joy of being able to work independently.

Suraiya Begum Ruhi is a third year economics student at SUST.

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