Best Of Houston® 2021: Best Donut


Best Donut: Shipley Do-Nuts

Like the donuts at Café du Monde in New Orleans or the chicken and waffles at Roscoe’s in Los Angeles, the sugar flake donuts made by Shipley Do-nuts for 85 years are the epitome of the city they come from. Serious food bloggers the world over should have Shipley’s at the top of any list intended to drive foodies to town for a “taste of Houston.” Name another local food that fits the bill better – go ahead, we’ll wait, and while we do, we’ll munch on some airy, never greasy frozen Shipley’s. Take your time as we savor its simple yet lasting glow.

Notable Houstonians like Lizzo and Travis Scott sang Shipley’s praises, but it’s common for Joes and Josephine to crave early morning sweets that have kept the business going since before World War II. These loyalists have also helped develop the company’s legacy and breadth as franchise operators, not only here in Houston, but now in Colorado, Florida and Oklahoma. The brand’s identifiable logo can be seen in the outer field of Minute Maid Park and has been graced in mural form by Houston artist Donkee Boy.

Despite all that Shipley’s may mean for adventurous foodies who hike here like Tony Bourdain, the stores make more sense to locals who stop to chat with longtime franchisees or sip coffee with their neighbors. But make no mistake, they wouldn’t come together if the product wasn’t flawless. If you’re still not sold, answer this question: Have you ever found yourself dabbing chunks of those sugar bombs that chipped off the cake while you believed it, picking them up with your fingertips to enjoy? of their explosive wonder? Yeah, so do we.

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