CIPR Accreditation to Boost DMU Student Prospects

Two communication and public relations courses at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) have received the highest form of accreditation from the professional body in the industry.

The BA (Hons) in Advertising and Marketing Communication and the MSc in Advertising and Public Relations Management have both been fully recognized by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), which represents public relations professionals in the UK.

Receiving recognition recognizes both the quality of teaching in the courses and also that the teachers have extensive professional experience in public relations that they can pass on to students.

Caroline Spence, Senior Lecturer and Program Head of the Undergraduate Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communications, said: “Having this CIPR accreditation puts our public relations offering in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a very strong position. solid.”

“Recognition can be essential for prospective students and we are in an enviable position where we have accreditations from both the Chartered Institute for Marketing (CIM) and the CIPR in our undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

“It is, of course, fantastic for recruiting students, but receiving CIPR accreditation also provides brilliant opportunities for our current students who are specifically looking to pursue a career in public relations and communications.

“There is no clear path in these industries, but the mentorship offered to CIPR student members can help our students expand their network by talking to members of the institution and taking part in more career opportunities. career development.

“We recently took the time to rewrite our undergraduate and postgraduate PR modules to ensure we were teaching the most up-to-date practices, so being recognized in this way is really nice.”

For a university to receive full recognition from the ICRP, it must demonstrate that its courses provide practical public relations practice; communication knowledge and theory; business skills and knowledge; codes of conduct or legal considerations; specific PR specialties, including business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), media relations and crisis management.

The accreditation comes shortly after DMU entered into a partnership with the Taylor Bennett Foundationwho has already helped students, including Ononso Orizu, get jobs in the public relations industry.

“We wanted to push our programs forward and differentiate our degrees in advertising and communications from other marketing courses available,” Caroline said. “We’re interested in any support we can give our students to help them land communications jobs, whether through accreditations or partnerships.

Associate Professor David Gordon, Head of the MSc Program in Advertising and Public Relations Management, added: “Official accreditation from the Chartered Institute of PR will really help students understand both a theoretical and practical implementation of the public relations industry.

“We offer world-class, cutting-edge training on the full range of communication topics, and having CIPR accreditation allows students to articulate this training to best practices during an interview.”

Posted on Monday, March 21, 2022

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