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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – WISH-TV is proud to honor some of Central Indiana’s most outstanding teachers with our Golden Apple Award.

It comes with a check for $ 500, a trophy and a big surprise.

The big winner for December is Daniel Dorsett. Dorsett is the group principal at Harshman Magnet Middle School in Indianapolis. Dorsett helps teach more than just music.

“He’s welcoming and understanding,” said Sweet Night, a grade eight student. “He is passionate about what he teaches.

“It makes sure that we all have a chance to learn and enjoy music more,” said Oliver Martinez, an eighth-grade student who plays the trombone.

“It makes me feel helped and loved by him because he really loves, cares,” said seventh grader Gavin Travis.

Dorsett pays attention to detail. He is a conductor of music and life.

“I mean, he knew that I had never touched an instrument in my life and he said to me ‘No, that’s absolutely good. That’s what the band is for, ”said Sweet.

Dorsett not only teaches his students how to play instruments, but also how to help – wherever there is a need.

“I walked into his classroom and he was teaching his students algebraic equations,” said Ella Hereth. She teaches algebra and says Dorsett helps fill in the gaps in education.

“He’s the director of the group, he loves music and wants kids to love music because he loves it,” Hereth said. “But I think at the end of the day he does all of this because he cares about children as people and he really wants them to have a full life and a life enriched with art and that they experience all the joys he has in life, in their life too.

Dorsett finds a melody in life, even when playing music was not allowed in the classroom during the pandemic. Somehow, he sparked a song in the hearts of his students.

“When I say an excellent schoolboy, of course, he is the director of our group, but he also organizes extracurricular activities after school clubs. He helps us every year with the main curriculum and even gives tutoring to math students, ”Principal Jim Larkin said.

Larkin always knew Dorsett was special, ever since the teacher was a high school student in Indianapolis public schools.

“I’m not too surprised that this is where we are at,” Larkin said.

“He gives everyone a fair chance and I think that’s the most important thing as a teacher is to involve all your students… I feel like he really deserves this award.” , said Martinez.

Hanna Mordoh from WISH-TV therefore went to surprise him.

“Thank you very much,” Dorsett said after receiving the gold trophy and a check for $ 500 from Golden Apple sponsor partner Bailey and Wood Mortgage Lender. “I really appreciate it, but it’s really the students. Especially those who work very hard and play. We had our gig last week so it’s very exciting to hear them play and be back as part of the gig.

“. “Thank you for everything you do for your students. We were truly honored to hear your story and what you are doing for your students and the school here. So keep doing what you’re doing and for an added gift we also have a $ 500 check for you – just to thank you for what you do.

Dorsett looked genuinely humble as he watched a thank-you video from his students and colleagues. He is full of hope for the future.

“Keep making great music, but a lot of the students didn’t say much about the music in the video – a lot of it is about inclusion and being in a band and being part of a band. ‘a team and simply to continue to grow. this group and this team, ”said Dorsett.

Another reason Dorsett deserves this award so much is that he takes longer to run a music club and brings back alumni from high school to help him out. It also raises funds for new instruments on its Donors Choose site, therefore, this $ 500 will be put to good use.

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To nominate a deserving teacher for next month’s Golden Apple Award, submit a detailed nomination here.

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