Dem. Senate: Governor DeSantis’ “fanatic agenda” contradicts the spirit of Christmas

A prominent Florida Senate Democrat is calling on Governor Ron DeSantis to get into the Christmas spirit and eliminate it with crop war rhetoric.

“As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, I strongly urge Governor DeSantis to reflect on the fanatic program he is approving for the coming year and how it contrasts starkly with the real meaning of the season,” Senator said. Bobby Powell of Palm Beach County, the No. 2 Democrat in the upper house, said in a written statement released Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, here in Florida the words ‘peace, goodwill towards men’ are missing from this governor’s message, especially in his re-election campaign. For Floridians who look like me, or nuances of it, his agenda is decidedly unwelcome and anything but peaceful. It’s about locking us in and locking ourselves in, while selectively picking out Martin Luther King’s words to kind of make that racist targeting correct, ”Powell continued.

FL Senator Bobby Powell. Credit:

“It’s not okay. It’s not right to push what he calls ‘anti-wake-up legislation’ which is a smokescreen to clean up history and erase lessons from the past. threatening teachers with litigation for the simple act of teaching It is not acceptable to muzzle those whose legacy has been defined by Jim Crow or to free those who have never gone beyond his hateful intent.

Powell spoke of the governor’s crusade, as he runs for re-election next year, against what DeSantis calls “awake” culture, including teaching “critical race theory” in schools. public policies and corporate anti-discrimination policies.

DeSantis has previously ordered the Florida Department of Education to ban “CRT” in schools, and last week he asked the legislature to allow parents to sue schools for such instruction.

Critical Race Theory postulates that structural racism permeates American society to the detriment of minorities in the criminal justice system, loans, educational opportunities, and other facets of life. DeSantis and other critics of the theory argue that white children feel bad about themselves.

“I think what you’re seeing now with the rise of this awakened ideology is an attempt to really delegitimize our history and delegitimize our institutions,” the governor said last week in Wildwood. “And I see revival as a form of cultural Marxism.”

Powell denounced such speech.

“Just as kindness, compassion and hope embody the Christmas spirit, the Florida executive should emulate those same qualities as well. The governor of the third largest state in the Union should have more to offer Floridians than his attempts to rekindle the American Civil War, ”he said.

DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw rejected an email to the Phoenix.

“The claim that Governor DeSantis’ ban on CRT ‘cleans up history’, ‘erases lessons from the past’ or promotes racism in any way is patently false. Most of those pushing this narrative are unaware of Florida law, which requires the teaching of the history, culture, experiences and contributions of African Americans in all school districts in Florida, ”wrote Pushaw.

She cited the Department of Education rule: “Instructions on the required subjects should be factual and objective and should not suppress or distort significant historical events. “

The legislation the governor sees, Pushaw wrote, presumes that certain teachings are discriminatory, including that “members of one race are morally superior to members of another race” or “an individual, on account of his race, is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive.

“We can be proud of our country and our history, while recognizing the evils of slavery and racial discrimination. Educating students about the good and the bad of American history is necessary in Florida public schools, and Governor DeSantis fully supports factual historical education, as required by Florida law, ”she said. writing.

“In contrast, ‘critical race theory’ is not factual. It is an ideological construct, which promotes unfounded and conflicting narratives that have no place in our classrooms. The CRT was born in law schools decades ago, and it is rooted in Marxist theory. The phenomenon of CRTs in primary and secondary education is very recent.

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