Distinctions as Umaru Ali Shinkafi Polytechnic holds the 2nd convocation

Umaru Ali Shinkafi Polytechnic Sokoto will hold its 2014-2019 Combined Convocation today with 18,428 graduates receiving certificates after successfully completing their respective programs.

This is the second convocation organized by the school since its creation in 2002.

The polytechnic, which started with 5 colleges, now has 7 colleges and operates on two campuses with 24 departments and over 40 academic programs.

The colleges are the College of Science and Technology, the College of Engineering, the College of Environmental Studies, and the College of Administrative and Business Studies. Others include the College of Arts and Humanities, the College of General Studies, and the College of Agriculture.

The objectives of the polytechnic include, among others: to provide study, training and research courses in engineering, science, technology, management studies and other branches of learning for the technological and economic progress of the state and for entry requirements to universities and other higher educational establishments.

* Offer courses of study at certificate level, national and higher national diplomas, sub-diplomas and other levels in arts, languages, science, technology and other branches of learning in the ultimate goal of serving the community.

* To provide, through teaching, research and other means, the advancement of knowledge and its practical application to the needs of the community.

In accordance with these objectives, the Polytechnic operates National Higher Diploma, National Diploma and Certificate programs in the aforementioned colleges.

Talk to Daily trust, the rector of the polytechnic, Professor Aminu Alhaji Ibrahim, said that they had stepped up their efforts to achieve academic excellence.

“To begin with, the polytechnic started its national programs with only three national diploma programs in 2003, but today I am pleased to inform you that we have 16 national diploma programs and 14 national diploma programs. higher in colleges accredited by the prestigious National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), ”he said.

According to him, the arrangements were made and NBTE approved the resource visit for the start of the following national and higher degree programs, ND Accounting, ND Banking and Finance, ND Architecture, ND Quantity Survey, ND Chemical Engineering Technology and ND Town. and land use planning,

The others are HND Animal Health Technology, HND Animal Production Technology, HND Pasture and Range Management Technology, HND Agricultural Production Technology, HND Local Government Studies, Office Technology and Management HND, social development HND (community development and adult education option), social development HND (social welfare option) and Marketing HND.

“We also intend to present another set of programs in due course, such as ND Computer Engineering, ND Information Technology, ND Mechatronics Engineering, ND Forestry, ND Horticulture and ND Fisheries, among others.

“All of this is contained in our five-year strategic plan,” he said.

In order to further create an environment conducive to the promotion and maintenance of academic excellence, the rector noted that the management of polytechnics is embarking on capacity building through intensive staff training programs.

“In this regard, we recognize, appreciate and applaud the efforts of the Higher Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) and the National Council for Technical Education (NBTE) for their commendable interventions, policies and programs in support of staff training as well as the provision of educational facilities and infrastructure to higher education institutions, ”he said.

He added that; “Through the intervention of TETFUND conference attendance, a total of 204 polytechnic staff attended various international conferences and workshops in different countries around the world. Likewise, through the Academic Staff Training and Development Fund (ASTD), 211 academic staff have received sponsorship to pursue postgraduate studies at home and abroad, 89 of whom have already obtained their masters and doctorates.

“In addition, academic and administrative staff are regularly sponsored for various local trainings, namely ND, HND / BScs. DPI and Masters programs, including seminars and workshops, ”he noted.

In addition, in its desire to excel in teaching and research, the Polytechnic pays special attention to the supply of educational equipment and facilities for its classrooms, amphitheatres, amphitheatres, laboratories. and its workshops.

The rector also said Daily trust Saturday that “Thanks to the interventions of the state government and TETFUND, various educational equipment and facilities have been provided. These include machinery and equipment for engineering, science, information and communication technology, mass communication, agricultural sciences, office technology and management, health and animal production and business administration and management.

“Others are magnetic boards for our classrooms, student furniture and Internet access on the two campuses of the Polytechnic.

“Likewise, the Polytechnic Library continues to receive a boost with regard to the purchase of books, the creation of an electronic library and the supply of a 270 KVA backup generator.

“Above all, our staff are committed, passionate, patriotic and determined. This is the secret of the successes recorded in the different sections of the polytechnic, ”he said.

The Rector further stated that the Sokoto State Government, through its education development policies, has facilitated the following welfare programs for its staff and students

Regular promotion of deserving staff in all settings.

Start of payment of CONPCASS and CONTEDISS salary structures to academic / non-academic staff of the institution.

Free supply of water and electricity to the polytechnic community.

Provision of enabling legislation

Our staff residing on government premises do not pay a single kobo.

To further motivate our staff, secondary and primary school staff receive all the support they need to function optimally.

The management of the Polytechnic School also ensures the well-being of students through the provision of sports facilities, the bus service, the fitting out of student common rooms, the renovation of student hostels, the construction of training sites. recreation on both campuses and support for the activities of the Students’ Union.

He added that the polytechnic is widely recognized both inside and outside the country as a worthy citadel of learning and makes it a center of academic excellence.

“This is justified by the distinctive conduct and performance of our staff and students as well as the links we have with institutions and organizations inside and outside Nigeria. “

The rector, who said the institution’s efforts to excel in teaching and research also caught the attention of the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), prompting the donation of more than 600 laptops to the polytechnic from 2010 to 2018. Most computers have been distributed. to academic staff and departments to improve their research and other academic activities.

Likewise, the Polytechnic, in collaboration with the Nigerian Freight Forwarders Regulatory Council in Nigeria, is currently issuing a Diploma and Certificate in Freight Transit.

The Polytechnic, also in collaboration with Zhengzhou University of Technology, China, organized a distance training program on grain safety for government officials in Nigeria. Recently, the institution received 20 state-of-the-art solar lighting equipment to be placed in strategic locations within the polytechnic campuses.

He reiterated their commitment and determination to uphold the tradition of the Polytechnic: the tradition of producing quality graduates who can compete favorably with their counterparts around the world.

“This tradition is in line with the vision of the polytechnic, which is to be a polytechnic of high academic excellence with the ultimate goal of providing a relevant and skilled workforce necessary for economic growth and development and technologies of the nation through education, research, linkages and community service.

“By the Grace of Allah (SWT), we have energetically and dedicatedly supported this tradition over the years and as you can see today’s occasion provides an opportunity to showcase our scoreboard and, in fact, the state of this institution.

He therefore urged the graduate students to promote the good reputation and image of this institution and this state, while instructing them to be good ambassadors of the polytechnic wherever they are.

“I also urge you to register and play an active role in the Association of Polytechnic Alumni,” he concluded.

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