District administrator Rob Way resigns from LUHS position

District administrator Rob Way has resigned his post at Lakeland Union High School. The school board in extraordinary session on Thursday accepted the resignation.

Way was not present at the meeting. His resignation letter indicates that he will resign effective Thursday, August 5. His current one-year contract would have taken him until June 30, 2022. His letter did not specify his future plans.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the Lakeland Union High School District community for the past seven years,” said his letter.

“Although it is with great sadness that I am leaving LUHS, I look forward to the next chapter of my career,” he continued. “I would like to thank our families, staff, students and community members for making my experience so special and for their continued support of our local public schools.”

Board chairman Gary Smith made no comment other than to say the board will keep the press and the public informed as they explore different options for the vacant position. After the meeting, Smith admitted that an acting position might be a possibility.

Way, who was then director of the study program at LUHS, was appointed interim district administrator when part-time administrator Jim Bouché retired in early 2019. Way is licensed to practice as a superintendent / District Administrator K-12, Director of Education K-12, Principal K-12 and Director of Student Services K-12.

Way was then offered a two-year contract with an administrator / curriculum director job description starting in March 2019.

But on January 11, the board of directors issued Way a non-renewal notice. After some negotiations, Way agreed to a one-year contract last March rather than the usual two-year contract.

The last contract called for Way to devote 40% of his time to administrative duties, with the remainder being the director of the study program. His salary was frozen at $ 138,768, the same as in his original contract.

Performance reviews

The board of trustees, in offering the one-year contract, set three expectations of Way, including providing a “school address status” to staff, which they did on the 15th. February.

He also had to submit three versions of the budget: one that included the “wants and needs of the administrative team, regardless of their effect on a possible deficit”. The second version was to describe the steps to balance the budget and the third was to show a surplus that “helps balance the funds”. The latter is used for capital spending, but is there primarily to avoid short-term borrowing until property tax payments and state and federal aid are received.

The third expectation was to “develop the roadmap for the LUHS continuous improvement plan by April 1 and monitor the plan on a monthly basis”.

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