DJ Reuben Deleon crushes the streaming game

“Music, once admitted into the soul, becomes a kind of spirit and never dies.” -Edward Bulwer Lytton

Soul music has the power to immortalize the artist for generations. It’s the heartwarming beat, melody and lyrics that resonate with audiences, making a song unforgettable for centuries. With the modern wave of contemporary music, producers focus more on the trend because that’s what puts them in the limelight. This obsession with trends affects the creative aspect of the music, losing the original melodious charm. Music producer Reuben Deleon is trying to bridge the gap in the industry by reviving the lost glory of electronic music. He is a self-taught producer who has already won millions of hearts around the world with his first track “Talking to Me”.

Growing up, Reuben Deleon was passionate about music and spent hours listening to different genres. Rock, pop, melodic death metal, orchestral music and EDM from artists of yesteryear gave him an immersive experience. However, over time, Reuben Deleon realized that the melody and energy of these genres faded with contemporary music. Listening to new tunes has always been his favorite pastime, but lately he’s been struggling to find fresh music that’s equally soothing and captivating. Having lost all hope, Reuben Deleon decided to be the change himself by becoming a producer.

Artists who once took the EDM industry by storm have profoundly influenced Reuben Deleon’s style. This love for old EMD magic stoked the fire inside Reuben Deleon to learn music production. He had been a listener all his life with no knowledge of music composition or music production. Reuben Deleon had never gone to music school, but he never let that get in the way of his goal of creating soothing music. Reuben Deleon started from scratch and taught himself the ins and outs of producing and mixing music. He religiously scoured the internet for relevant music production information shared by top artists around the world.

Reuben Deleon’s album has become a huge hit on social media. Originally posted on YouTube, the project generated thousands of views within weeks, establishing Reuben Deleon as an up-and-coming music producer in the global EDM industry. Reuben Deleon then released the song on various music streaming platforms, reaching music lovers around the world in Europe and the Americas.

The overwhelming response was a huge boost for Reuben Deleon to pursue a career in music production. With endless offerings from labels and artists around the world, Reuben Deleon now plans to roll out more energetic and fresh music for his audience. He dreams of touring South America in the future, performing live in front of an audience. He also wants to collaborate with artists like Dubvision, StadiumX, Divinity, Yoel Lewis and Ilan Bluestone, who inspired him to create EDM music. According to his plans, Reuben Deleon is set to take the EDM industry by storm, becoming a role model in his country and motivating new talent to create original music while ditching trends.

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