“Drake hit me and I was like ‘Sure, bro!”‘: Kevin Durant reveals how Canadian rapper hardly had to convince Nets superstar for Laugh Now music video, Cry Later


Kevin Durant declares his love and affection for Canadian hip-hop sensation and bestselling Drake on the Knuckleheads podcast.

The friendship between KD and Drake isn’t just for the cameras. Obviously, Aubrey is a corndog when it comes to scripting her interactions for good press. But there is also a real underlying affection.

KD starred in Lil Durk and Drake’s music video for the single Laugh now you’ll cry later from the 35-year-old 2020 album. The music video for the same involved the duo on a basketball court, with Drake looking all wayward.

Few members of the media have had the temerity to question the Nets superstar about this video. But the Knuckleheads podcast is not like the usual media. Guests on this podcast trust their hosts MUCH more than any other show in the industry.

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Kevin Durant praises Drake on Knuckleheads podcast

Kevin Durant was asked by Q-Rich about his thoughts on the experience of filming the clip with Drake at Nike headquarters in Portland last year. The Slim Reaper felt almost liberated when he expressed his love for Aubrey Graham:

“First of all, he’s a real student of the game, and he respects basketball. And you can also hear it in his music. But he’s just good – I don’t mean good, he’s good, beyond good at what he does.

“He’s good at rapping, making songs, setting up flows. And definitely, the video we put together was his whole idea – how he imagined it. He just said to me ‘I have a scene that I want to shoot. And I want to shoot it with you. And I’m like ‘Of course, brother!’ “

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KD, Q-Rich and D-Miles praised how Drake also involved Kawhi Leonard in different capacities in the Way 2 Sexy video of the Boy in love certified released this year.


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