Fast online loans 600 €

Fast mini credits and you can get it comfortably through the Internet, without paperwork and without waiting. If you need money urgently, ask for it at ViaConto.

Why choose mini credit?

credit loan

In ViaConto you can request quick loans of up to € 600, with a maturity period of up to 30 days and in less than 15 minutes. The whole process is online, so it’s much better.


  • Loans up to € 600
  • ASNEF loans (debt up to € 1,000 maximum)
  • Possibility of extending the duration of the loan up to 30 more days


  • First loan only up to € 300
  • Commission for postponing loans
  • Interest for late payment (equivalent to 1% per day of late payments)

What services does it offer?

In ViaConto you can request a loan with a few simple steps and in a very intuitive way. It will be enough with what you choose the amount you need and the return period.

This financial services company offers loans at the time and all types of loans, for unemployed, self-employed, students, loans to buy a car, for a work, to carry out a project, loans for weddings, vacations, health credits …

In ViaConto you will not get any problems, just choose the amount you need and they will give it to you. They even offer loans for defaulters so if you are in an ASNEF or RAi file you can request your loan quickly as well, provided you fulfill certain conditions.

In this case, the ASNEF loans are limited to a debt of € 1,000, so if the applicant has a higher debt they will not be granted it.

How does loan work?

ViaConto offers loans for any applicant profile and so you can use it in everything you need. To request it you will simply have to use your loan calculator to select the desired amount and the term for its return.

Immediately you will see all the details about the amount and term of the loan as well as the complete information of the loan including the interest and the amount to be returned.

In ViaConto you can enjoy the first loan at 0% interest, so once the return period is met you will not have to pay extras.

As for the amounts, although we will also review it below, in ViaConto you can request the following amounts:

  • Loans from € 50 to € 600 with return periods from 7 to 30 days
  • If it’s your first loan you can only request up to € 300 and it’s free. As for the deadlines for their return will be the same, from 7 days to a month

Apply for your first free loan at ViaConto today and if you need it again, do not hesitate to have your services again. At ViaConto they are 100% transparent in their loans.

For this it is the first time you apply for the loan you will have to use the calculator and loans to ask for it, and complete the information requested.

As soon as it is approved, you will receive an SMS to your mobile with the answer and a verification code. You will have to enter it in your client area in ‘Accept loan’ and then you will receive the money.

Once you are a client, you can use your fast loan application service from your client area to expedite the process in your future applications.

You can ask for as many loans as you need, as long as you return them on time and well, you can only request one loan at a time, but never simultaneously.

What requirements are needed?

The requirements to apply for a loan at ViaConto are the usual ones, and the most logical ones. In this case, if you want to apply for a loan you will need to meet the following conditions:

  • Be of legal age and between the ages of 21 and 70
  • Be a permanent resident in Spain
  • Have a fixed source of income (payroll, pension, benefit …)
  • Do not have active debts that exceed € 1,000

If you meet these requirements you can apply for a loan without any problem, and they will grant it quickly so that you can have the money in your account as soon as possible.

Calculate your loan online!

Calculate your loan online!

Use ViaConto’s online loan calculator to request the quick loan you need in the easiest and fastest way. You just have to choose the amount of money you will need and the period of time you will need to return it.

  • In ViaConto you will have loans from € 50 up to a maximum of € 600, although you can only request € 300 if it is the first loan and you can return it up to 30 days.
  • If it is your first loan the advantage is that it will be at 0% interest

How to return a loan?

To return the loan to ViaConto you will have to make an account deposit or bank transfer, including the ‘Payment’ plus your ID. You can choose the bank you prefer within the available selection: BBVA, ING Bank or La Caixa.

It is important that you return your loan on time, so when you request it and receive the money, write down the return date in the calendar so that you do not forget or create a notice on your mobile phone to remind you of the day you should make the payment.

When you apply for the loan you can choose to return it from 7 days to 30, so check before asking and see what may be the most convenient period for you. To avoid that the day arrives and you do not have sufficient liquidity to return it.

What are the consequences of delays or non-payment?

non-payment loan

If you delay in payments you will be exposing penalties, as is logical. In this case, a delay interest penalty for an amount equivalent to 1% per day of the overdue payments. Also, not addressing the payments will affect your creditworthiness.

So if you want to avoid this moment and need more time to repay your loan, use the option offered by ViaConto to enjoy a deferment of the loan.

To do this, decide if you want to extend the loan by 7, 14 or 30 days more and pay the amount that corresponds according to the amount of the loan and the time you want to postpone it.

When you select the extra time you need to repay the loan, the commission to pay will appear, so make an income or transfer with the concept ‘Defer’ plus your ID.