Financial abuse by corporate institutions

The education system has become a business affair for these corporate schools and colleges. Parents, aiming for a bright future, filled them with hope for a good education for their wards. But lately, we have witnessed some unfortunate incidents, such as a student who recently attempted to set himself on fire in one of Narayana’s colleges. The government has not kept an eye on corporate institutions that exploit the common man in the name of expense.

High Fees at Corporate Colleges

Corporate educational institutions will have free rein to scam people if the government continues to turn a blind eye to the fee structure. Due to insufficient teaching staff and lack of infrastructure in public schools, people depend on private schools to provide quality education to their children. Despite financial constraints, parents are desperate to get their children admitted to reputable institutions.

Parents believe that admission to a corporate institution would bode well for the future of their wards. This is operated by private institutions. Principals are aware that parents are willing to splurge for their children. It can be stopped if the government monitors the fee structure, in addition to improving the standards of state-run institutions.

– Manganuri Murali, photographer, Hanumakonda

State-run institutions should provide quality education

The weakness of one is the strength of the other. Every parent wants their ward to become a doctor or an engineer. Having no faith in government institutions, they are looking for a corporate body that could provide quality education. Without giving too much thought to their affordability, parents depend on corporate education.

It is high time for the government to focus on improving education standards in public institutions. Once state-run institutions start providing quality education, the mad rush for admission into private entities will lessen. It is incumbent on the government to focus on the education sector.

-M Ramchander, Kazipet

Government should focus on private college fee structure

The government should focus on the fee structure of private colleges. Corporate colleges collect fees in different forms such as tuition fees, examination fees, study material fees, building fund and many other ways and these differ from a college to the other. The fee structure of these colleges changes every year. Their goal is to exploit parents’ money. Parents who have no other choice bear the burden.

– NV Dayakar, Khammam

Initiate criminal proceedings against offending colleges

Criminal charges should be brought against corporate colleges that have caused student deaths. The TRS government has failed to stop corporate colleges from running away.

The government allowed new colleges without distinction in the state, it should change the education system. The government shows no interest in filling vacancies in public schools and junior colleges. Thus, parents have no choice but to approach corporate educational institutions for a better future of their children, resulting in corporations taking advantage and exploiting parents.

– P Jairam (name changed), Khammam

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