Former Spandau Ballet singer Ross William Wild trades New Romantics for crime world as he writes a gangster series in Glasgow

SINGER Ross William Wild has revealed how he traded the New Romantics for the brutal Glasgow underworld.

The Scotsman – who replaced Tony Hadley in the 80s Spandau Ballet charts – secured funding this week for his hard-hitting gangster series at the Cannes Film Festival.


Ross is now playing with his new band Mercutio.Credit: Getty – Contributor
Ross during his 11 month stint with 80s superstars Spandau Ballet.


Ross during his 11 month stint with 80s superstars Spandau Ballet.Credit: Getty – Contributor

This is after Ross previously enlisted the services of convicted arms dealer Paul Ferris as a consultant for his production – as he has his eyes set on Hollywood star Gerard Butler for the lead role.

The Aberdeen-born artist said: “I am currently in Cannes presenting film scripts, but I have already secured an investment for my gangland series Mother Glasgow.

“It’s located in Glasgow today, so it’s not the city then, it’s how it is now.

I was invited to visit Glasgow by a fairly notorious figure, who will remain anonymous for now.

Ross William Sauvage

“My main character is Kenny Castle, a man on the mend, not in the making.

“We really want Gerard Butler for the role. He hasn’t really done gangster type characters before, so I think he has to come home and do that.

“But I had already met Paul Ferris who of course led a very interesting life and he agreed to be a consultant on the series.”

The Glasgow-born ex-gangster Ferris, 57, saw his own story of an abusive life turned into the cult 2013 film The Wee Man where he was played by Martin Compston.

I had already met Paul Ferris who of course led a very interesting life and he agreed to be a consultant on the series.

Ross William Sauvage

The film had to be shot in London after Scottish police blocked attempts to shoot on location in Glasgow.

So, would Ross be afraid to show the city in a bad light?

He said, “I am certainly not glorifying the bad side. It’s quite the opposite because part of the story is to show how insular the gang scene is.

“That’s why we’ll be highlighting how incredibly vibrant and cultural Glasgow is today with one character putting this whole scene in their past.”

The Scotsman, who grew up in the town of Granite with lawyer father Tom and marketing business owner mother Lesley, trained at the Glasgow Academy Of Music Theater And Arts before starting his career in the musical comedies.

So what does a London-based West End star with a middle-class education in the northeast of today’s warring underworld clans in Glasgow know?

A lot of things like this happen after you have received a crash course from a pillar of crime.

Tony Hadley warned his Scottish replacement to join Spandau Ballet

He says, “Well, let’s put it this way for my research, I was invited to visit Glasgow by a pretty notorious figure, who will go unnamed for now.”

“But he showed me around and told me what was going on and where. It really opened my eyes and helped me shape my story.

I had to pretend for a while that I was really a fan of Spandau, but in reality it was just another gig.

Ross William Sauvage

But the TV series is just one big step Ross has taken since his short time as Hadley’s replacement after joining Spandau Ballet in 2018.

Ross only lasted 11 months in the group which had more than 20 hits including Gold, Through The Barricades and the charts True long before the 32-year-old was born.

He admits, “I had to pretend for a while that I was really a Spandau fan, but in reality it was just another gig.

“To get paid to do this job you have an incredible chance. So when big gigs come up like that, you jump on them.

The Scottish Sun revealed last month how Hadley, 61, warned his replacement to “watch his back” in the group known for its internal bickering and bickering.

Ross confirms, “Tony definitely sent me a message to that effect. I can now understand why politically he no longer wanted to be in the group.

“But Tony is a great guy and I spoke to him before and after I left.”

He adds: “But I got a lot of positive things from my stay in Spandau. I get along really great with Steve Norman the saxophonist and Martin Kemp is a great guy too.

“Selling the Hammersmith Apollo where David Bowie did his thing and leading one of the biggest 80s bands in this whole neo-romantic scene was an honor. “

Now Ross is back on the music scene with his own rock band Mercutio, which was signed by music giants Universal and released their debut album Antagonist earlier this month.

This is before they embark on a European tour with the stars of Heavy Metal Inglorious.

Ross says, “I’ve had this band on the move for two and a half years. The first time we were in the studio we made this song called Where The Pain Lives and it just clicked from there.

“But it felt like 2020 was going to be lost for us, but instead we put the time to making this album and made it through the lockdown.

“The band feels like what rock music should be – it’s rebellious, cheeky and also misunderstood.

“I wanted to go back to rock music which has a modern and clean sound.”

Meanwhile, he still wants to be involved in musicals, having appeared in the stage production of Queen We Will Rock You and being directed by Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood for Witches Of Eastwick.

He says: “After Spandau, I went back to musicals.

“The last one was in 2020 when I went back on an international tour of The Million Dollar Quartet where I played Elvis Presley.

“We were actually playing in India when the coronavirus first hit and my whole year of work was taken away from me.

“But this free time really boosted me. It allowed me to write like never before with the TV script and the Mercutio album.

“However, I think musical theater will always be a part of what I do.

“It’s nice, but they make you work hard with eight shows a week – pop stars don’t know how much they have one show every other day. “

Ross posted a photo of his boat in Cannes on Instagram.


Ross posted a photo of his boat in Cannes on Instagram.

Now single, Ross divides his time between London and Cannes in the south of France where he lives on a luxury speedboat called Tropicana.

Was it paid for with the proceeds of his detective series or the Spandau Ballet?

Ross laughs, “It’s probably more of a ballet boat. But it is a good place to live after a year of confinement.

“I can jump into the sea every morning, which eliminates the hangovers from the night before. “

And he jokes, “It’s also handy in case I need to do a little getaway again. “

* For more information on Mercutio, visit or follow Ross on Instagram.

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