Great Sunday night snow

HUNTINGTON, WV (WSAZ) — It’s a super “Who Dey” Sunday here at WSAZ as Joe Burrow and the Bengals look to win their first-ever Super Bowl in the Los Angeles area later today. While our area and Cincinnati are in the cold 20s and low 30s by noon, the temperature is already in the 70s in southern Cal where highs will reach near 90 outside So Fi Stadium more late in the day. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 a.m. on WSAZ.

As for the weather, I want to issue a travel alert for people going to Super Bowl parties. Here’s the deal.

The sun will break out this afternoon, bringing a tolerable chill for your pre-Super Bowl shopping afternoon. All the while, the skies are getting extremely cold (try 5 degrees at 5,000 feet and 20 below zero at 20,000 feet). This temperature profile is said to be unstable. In summer it would produce thunderstorms while here in winter it will gather intense snow squalls.

The timing of the arrival of these flurries of snow is expected to come closer to kicking off the Super Bowl with strong gusts to cover the ground with an inch of quick snow between 6 and 10 p.m. in parts of the region. There is even a chance of a rumble of thunder. So while you watch the game, outside, a kind of winter wonderland will unfold outside.

Since the air temperature will dip into the teens overnight, untreated roads will be slippery. So perhaps the reality is that we are facing all sorts of delays and school closures as we wake up to a white Valentine’s Day.

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