How an Ed-Tech Startup Careerpedia Helps Genz With Mentoring, Learning, and Earning Opportunities

Over the past few decades, technology has led to increased change in skill requirements and job roles across industries, causing companies to prioritize reasonable skill requirements over educational qualifications when recruiting. hiring.

WHY – The importance of perfecting the GenZ
A 2020 World Economic Forum report predicted that rapid technological change will dramatically change more than 42% of all careers by 2022. The way we work is fundamentally changing due to the times we live in. Automation is replacing human tasks and jobs, and “thinking machines” are changing the skills employers are looking for in their employees. As these industries undergo tremendous change, there is a strong demand for high-end skills. Despite this, Indian Ed-tech companies provide an abundance of upskilling services. Yet they do not provide students with industry-ready skills when assessed in depth. Our research indicates a larger cohort of students in a class leading to lower student participation and unproductive skill enhancement due to increased student enrollment.

Digital transformation is the key to survival in this era of Industry 4.0. GenZ uses problem-solving skills to navigate today’s world with confidence because they were born into technology. Careerpedia is built on this ideology and tailors its approach to each student to provide them with the best hands-on experience possible.

As part of the education system, students often choose an area where they can excel. Unfortunately, the only way for them to begin to understand, establish themselves and carve out a niche is during their industry exposure and internships, and it’s too late. Additionally, since most jobs are skill-based, students will need to upgrade their skills in the specializations they wish to pursue after entering the field.
That sounds ridiculous!, and that’s where Careerpedia comes in to solve that ridiculousness.

HOW – Skills development for the right talent

At Careerpedia, our goal is to recruit and prepare a small group of highly motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds to join the tech industry. We provide students with strategies to ace interviews and optimize their LinkedIn profile and resume, rather than just teaching theory. We also provide networking opportunities inside and outside their industry. Only 20 participants participate in our selective batch, which fosters effective collaborative teamwork, extensive mentor support, and meaningful hands-on experience.

Career Excellence Program: Level-Based Training

Careerpedia has few programs that follow a level-based structure where students learn, understand, and work on a real-world project before being certified. Depending on their needs, they can take breaks after each level and explore the next higher level. With the help of industry experts and mentors, students can access a wide variety of courses at once, with fully structured content online.

Investments and income opportunities

As seen in the graphic representation above of our COMPLETE DEVELOPMENT COURSE, there are eight levels, but a student can start earning from level three. As the student progresses to level three, we will help them get a well-defined job, or if they are only at graduate level, we will offer them good self-employment opportunities for start making money.

Careerpedia offers 100% job placement assistance for graduates as the student progresses through the levels through offline training and certification. Also, as Careerpedia itself is part of a giant umbrella, we have many hiring partners such as INKPROG (parent company), Fly Graduate, Home app, I Cabs, Finance Box, tasqr, and many more. others, so a student will have many placement opportunities depending on the skills acquired as they progress through the levels of the course.

Students learn hands-on skills and gain an understanding of technology through Careerpedia’s mentorship program and hands-on experience with real-time projects, which translates into a great return on investment and a successful career.

Careerpedia : Bridging the gap between education and industry

Jyoshna Reddy, co-founder of Careerpedia, added today that all students need to improve their skills at the academy/institution level to take advantage of career opportunities. It is crucial to validate and obtain certification in skills according to the talent niche before entering the field. Learning at all times and hyper-personalizing the development process is key. So Careerpedia also partners with academic institutions to provide the next generation of talent with this experience.

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