How Governor Yahaya Bello Brought Kogi Higher Education Institutions to Life

By Emmanuel Adeyemi, Lokoja

The Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello has been praised for breathing life into the tertiary institutions in the state which led to the full accreditation of courses in these schools and has vastly improved the overall development of education in the Confluence State.

Praising in an exclusive chat with our correspondent yesterday, State Education Commissioner Mr. Wemi Jones said Governor Bello had had an unprecedented impact on the education sector of in a way not seen since the creation of the state 30 years ago. .

The Commissioner said that the Governor has not only provided the necessary funds for these higher education institutions, but has also provided the necessary facilities and created conducive learning and teaching through a strong welfare program for teaching staff and not a teacher.

“The culmination of this well-focused attention to making public higher institutions a shining example for other states has resulted in the one hundred percent accreditation of courses offered in all public higher institutions,” he said.

For example, he said the Governor had ensured that all 48 courses offered at Kogi State University, Ayingba, were granted full accreditation by the Nigerian Universities Commission, making it the first time since the establishment of the institution.

Besides this feat of one hundred percent accreditation of all courses, the institution also came out 25th out of the 170 public and private universities in Nigeria that have full accreditation for all courses offered.

The Public Polytechnic of Lokoja has also shared the joy of full accreditation of all courses offered in the institution, as it achieved 100% success in the recent accreditation exercise conducted by the National Council of Education. Technical Education (NBTE), the commissioner said.

He attributed the resounding success to Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello’s unwavering commitment to the development of education in the state.

In the words of the commissioner “another regulatory body, the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) also found the two state-owned colleges of education, namely Ankpa College of Education and College of Education. ‘technical education, Kabba worthy of full course accreditation. offered by them, making it the first in the history of both schools”

The commissioner revealed that out of 32 courses submitted to the National Commission for Colleges of Education, all courses have been granted full accreditation and that the accreditation of all courses will be valid from 2022 to 2027.

He noted that apart from accrediting the courses of the College, the National Commission for Colleges of Education reviewed the governance, the infrastructure of the College, expressed its appreciation of what was happening on the ground, thus enabling to the college to obtain full accreditation in terms of institutional accreditation.

Continuing, Wemi Jones said, “The story is no different at the College of Technical Education, Kabba, 17 courses offered at the College achieved full accreditation in 2017 per year in Governor Yahaya Bello’s administration and he assured the partial movement of the institution to it’s permanent building site.
“Governor Yahaya Bello also completed 10 buildings at the permanent site n, provided a large bus to facilitate movement of staff and students outside other facilities.

“Also concerned about the gap created by the number of Kogi natives seeking admission each year and the number of admissions, Governor Yahaya Bello established Confluence University of Science and Technology (CUSTECH), Osara in 2020 and appointed a renowned engineer and academic par excellence, Professor Sadiku Salawu as Vice Chancellor

“And just two years in existence, the university is a growing concern and has bridged the gap for Kogi natives seeking admission and even admission seekers from neighboring states. The university currently has three faculties with nineteen courses running and all duly approved by the Universities Commission of Nigeria.

“Apart from course accreditations, another great achievement of Governor Bello in the education sector,” he said, “is academic stability, as students on resumption know when they will graduate without any kind of disturbance.

“This has made higher institutions in the state the most sought after as students from neighboring states jostle for admission to public institutions because they are sure to graduate in record time,” the commissioner added. .

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