How the Classes Offered by the Mandeville School of Music & Dance in Mandeville, LA Help Kids and Adults Discover Their Talent

How classes offered by the Mandeville School of Music&Dance in Mandeville, LA allow children and adults to discover their talent

The Mandeville School of Music and Dance is revered as the music and dance academy where dreams come true. They have made this possible by creating a professional, inspiring and enjoyable environment where dance, music, theater and performing arts programs are all offered under one roof. Dance programs include ballet, contemporary, improvisation, hip hop, tap and other classes for children, teens and adults. The instructors are friendly, professional and enjoy working with students of all ages and experience levels.

For 25 years, the Mandeville School of Music and Dance has positively impacted the lives of thousands of families on the North Shore, through its fantastic selection of dance, music and performing arts programs. There are over 30 programs to choose from, including guitar, drums, piano, vocals, hip hop, and ballet lessons. All faculty members are university-trained professionals or have equivalent experience and certifications. Instructors working with students are hired based on their ability to inspire and create personalized plans to help students achieve their aspirations. Mandeville School of Music and Dance believes that comprehensive dance and music training should go beyond weekly classes. Other incentives include weekly music theory classes, free annual recording sessions for students, unlimited makeup workshops, and community classes.

Founded in 1978, the Mandeville School of Music & Dance has come a long way to become the distinguished performing arts academy it is today. Other offerings include access to an in-house instructional print shop for publishing learning materials, weekly written assessments from faculty members, and a safe learning environment that encourages health and wellness. Ryan Cullen is the director and spokesperson for the academy.

The Mandeville School of Music & Dance has been offering virtual classes since 2012. This gives them a leg up on other institutions that are just starting to use the virtual platform. To get a glimpse of what they can expect, students interested in online classes are encouraged to take a virtual tour of the academy’s 4,000 square foot facilities which are secured by CCTV security at the campus scale. Instructors use advanced communication technology to speak to students remotely and in person. The minimum qualification for teachers is a bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience or certification such as a master’s degree in dance. The academy’s rigorous hiring process involves a background check using Intellicorp and multi-level interviews to assess the teacher’s ability to inspire and motivate potential learners.

Mandeville School of Music & Dance dance classes include hip-hop, ballet, and dance classes for children, teens, and adults. Classes are offered to students as young as 18 months old, while pre-ballet and pre-hip hop/acro classes are offered to children 4 years and older. Adult dance classes begin at age 17 and can serve as a catalyst to prepare for upcoming auditions, an opportunity to hone skills, or choreograph a dance routine for weddings or other special events. Adult dance classes include adult ballet, adult contemporary/modern, adult hip-hop, adult tap and private dance lessons. Most adults are enrolled in weekly classes organized for convenience and motivation, whether the student is a beginner or advanced. For learn more about their Mandeville officestudents are encouraged to visit the academy in person or view their virtual presentations.

For the convenience of aspiring and current students, the academy has posted a link on its website to explore the specific programs offered in dance and music. The Mandeville School of Music & Dance also publishes student and parent success stories to inspire and encourage prospective students to enroll in one or more of the programs. A brief look at student sentiment shows appreciation for organized programs for the whole family, teachers with student-specific programs, well-organized lessons, and much more. The music and dance academy also organizes weekend concerts for students and family members.

To connect with the experienced music and dance teachers at The Mandeville School of Music & Dance, call (985) 674 2992 or visit the academy at 105 Campbell Ave STE 3, Mandeville, LA, 70471. The academy offers music and dance lessons. to more than 700 students and families each week. They accept all major credit cards including rewards cards and American Express on their expanded payment schedule. Areas served by the music and dance academy are Slidell, Covington, Madisonville, Hammond, Metairie, Kenner, Abita Springs, and Mandeville, LA.

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