ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE) Recognized as Iconic Brand of India by Brand History


The ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE) was founded as a reputable university under Article 3 of the UGC Law of 1956. After years of providing the best opportunities for education and holistic development in its students, it has become one of the leading institutions in India. It has been accredited by the NAAC with an A + rating and an impressive score of 3.4 out of 4 due to its quality facilities and exceptional teaching standards.

There are many reasons why IFHE has become one of the most comprehensive student-centered learning centers that train students for career success. From its curriculum to campus facilities, distinguished faculty members, validation from national bodies, and accreditation, IFHE has been fundamentally designed and developed to add significant value to the lives of students. Some of the main strengths that are paid attention to when training students are in-depth knowledge, hands-on experience and a positive skill set as well as rigorous overall development.

The ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE) consists of four important constituents, including IcfaiTech, ICFAI Business School, ICFAI Law School and ICFAI School of Architecture, which were founded to provide the best educational programs for management students. , science and technology, Law and architecture. Depending on the inclinations and interests of the student, many courses can be chosen, but the institution’s commitment remains the same, that of providing the best education and training.

IFHE ensures that students can acquire the best knowledge, confidence and skills necessary to achieve all their dreams. It has a state-of-the-art campus that spans 92 acres and offers residential spaces in the form of girls ‘and boys’ hostels so students can live and learn in comfort. Being a university known for promoting holistic development, IFHE is also well equipped with plenty of indoor and outdoor sports facilities so that students can cultivate the habit of playing sports and learning other skills such as working. teamwork, cooperation, hard work, discipline, etc. Even the classrooms and auditoriums have been designed to ensure that the learning experience is up to par and effective. All classrooms are equipped with high speed internet and audiovisual tools that can enhance the learning process. To ensure that students get the best learning materials, the student library has the best journals, research reports, software packages, CDs, and more on a variety of topics.

Being one of the leading academic institutions, IFHE also ensures that students gain first-hand work experience so that their theoretical knowledge can be validated easily. For this reason, the internship programs offered at the University ensure that these students gain experience in tasks that can prepare them for the challenges of today’s corporate world. The University has collaborated with many foreign universities to promote research and academic collaboration. Numerous memoranda of understanding have been signed with these institutions to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a bright future.

IFHE employs competent professors from various fields. In addition to offering academic support to students, these faculty members also guide students to be successful in their lives personally and professionally. These faculty members are also involved in research and advisory activities other than teaching. This gives students the much-needed confidence to seek help from faculty members while expecting great support in return.

IFHE offers its students global growth with the values ​​of unity, kindness and unity. The institution believes in the value of unity in diversity, which is why it encourages students from different cultures and social backgrounds to connect and learn from each other. Campus life at the university is full of growth overall, as students are encouraged to collaborate with each other and grow collectively. IFHE is a place where students are motivated to foster a sense of acceptance for one another so that they can be the best of all worlds.

The brand story thanks the ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE) for redefining high quality education and training students to experience professional success. Dr Abhay Kaushik, Editor and Director of The Brand Story, said: “One of the leading academic institutions in India, IFHE has always provided the best growth opportunities for students in different fields. The way IFHE has enabled the holistic development of students while preparing them for professional success deserves great recognition in the country. The brand’s history is honored to recognize IFHE with the iconic brand of India in the category of research, educational excellence, program innovation, knowledge leadership and social engagement.

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