Imad shares fascinating ode to his life in Lebanon in new single ‘Makan’


Photo courtesy artist

At only 21 years old, Imad had an abundance of creative influence; ranging from his childhood years in Nigeria to his heartbreaking experiences in Beirut. Having witnessed the devastating explosion of 2020 and observing the economic and social decline of the country, Iman felt encouraged to immerse himself in his music, producing the new track “Makan”; a sound that exudes emotion and depth.

Explore and celebrate your cultural identity and dive into your own life experience; his music is an amalgamation of melodic techno and deep house, with a fusion of his Middle Eastern and African heritage. The artist reveals: “Over the last few years, I have been more and more in contact and I have embraced my cultures and my identity. Being from Lebanon but growing up in Nigeria for the first 15 years of my life opened up my perspective to many different cultures and people. I think it shaped me to be globally aware and ultimately curious to know more about my own culture ”.

Self-produced and composed in her bedroom, the track was originally written as part of her application for entry to Point Blank Music School in London, but has been reinvented several times with input from singer Samia, which gave this strangely haunting song. Reflecting on its own narrative, the track explores the angst of leaving the places and people you love in order to carve a better life. Progressive rhythms and swaying synths rest beneath the calming voice, paying homage to his culture and upbringing, Imad voicing “Arab and African music spoke to my soul”. The track even features a line described as “Arabic poetry” translating into English as “I will always remember them, crying and dreaming, every time I close my eyes I see the same place”.

After amassing over 50 million streams and even founding her upcoming label “Evil Eye”, the artist aspires to spotlight other talented creators in the Middle East region and inspire people to “be more thankful. of the little things in life “.


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