Is your Christmas as mundane as that of the royal family?


Everyone makes Christmas differently. You know if you’ve ever spent it at someone else’s and you’re wondering why you’re so sober at noon, or why you haven’t opened your presents at 6pm, or why you’re eating a Yorkie pudding, or why you I have yet to witness a slightly racist and unsolicited comment on Love, Actually.

It certainly looks like the Cambridges are having a surprising Christmas, given who they are – but not unusual. Maybe for them, who spend every other day of the year waiting around, traveling the world, meeting strangers and enjoying rarefied glamor, what makes Christmas special is d to be the most ordinary and painted by numbers family in the whole country.

We wanted details about the royals at Christmas, and the reality is they do the same things the rest of us do – listen to horrible music, watch cheesy movies, eat too much and end up arguing about of board games. In their banality, they have reached relatability. Accomplished job.

Another Mundane Christmas: How Other Royals Do It

The Sandringham set

Traditionally, the Royal Family have spent Christmas at the Queen’s private estate at Sandringham, where simple gifts are exchanged on Christmas Eve. Then there’s the church on Christmas Day, plus lunch, the Queen’s Speech, and charades. Sometimes a little TV too. Famous, the Queen Mother once ran into William and Harry watching Ali G on Christmas. They taught him to snap his fingers and say “Respec”.

The adorable Danes

Everything is beautiful in Denmark, where this year the royal family will be at Marselisborg Palace, Queen Margrethe’s summer residence, for Christmas. On December 23, or Little Yule Eve, they wrap gifts and decorate the tree with ornaments. On Christmas Eve, the children prepared a bowl of rice porridge for Santa’s helpers. On Christmas Day, they have a bowl of rice pudding with an almond hidden inside, then a roast goose.

Moderate Monegasques

Every year, the family holds a Christmas gift distribution party, during which the royal family gives gifts to hundreds of children in the principality. There is always music, dancing and hot chocolate. The family will then go to mass together on Christmas Eve, and share a traditional sweet bread. That’s assuming they all get along, of course.

Snotty Norwegians

It’s all about sport for the Norwegians. Much like ours go to Norfolk, their royals tend to go to Royal Lodge, a farm outside of Norway, where they ski, snowboard, and usually hang out in the mountains for a while. On the menu on Christmas Day, grilled pork.

The sprawling Spaniards

It is a long period of celebration for the Spanish royal family. Traditionally, King Felipe will deliver his speech to the Spanish people from the Zarzuela Palace on Christmas Eve, and then they will all have dinner – Felipe, Queen Letizia and their children, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia. Usually, Letizia’s family visit her on Christmas Day. But after that, and on New Years, they all get together for Epiphany on January 6, the day after Juan Carlos’ birthday. Since Juan Carlos is still in Abu Dhabi this year may be slightly different. He is reportedly planning to return to celebrate his 84th birthday.


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