Jane Sutter Brandt to sign copies of ‘Beloved Burlington Volume II’


Jane Sutter Brandt will be signing copies of ‘Beloved Burlington Vol. II ‘at Burlington By The Book on November 13.

You can forget about those toys your kids won’t have for Christmas this year because the pandemic transportation industry has bogged down – but they’ll love reading how downtown Burlington once thrived in “Beloved Burlington Vol. II “by Jane Sutter Brandt. .

The sequel to “Beloved Burlington: Featuring Companies You Know and Love!” spotlights 10 local Burlington businesses, including the Burlington Hotel, Capitol and Palace Theaters; Dehner’s Seed and Supply; App’s Music House, The Model and more.

Nostalgia and historic photos are wrapped up in the second volume. The popularity of the first book “Beloved Burlington” inspired Sutter to offer another rewarding dive into the businesses that baby boomers and seniors fondly remember in Burlington.

Did you buy your first pair of Lee button-fly jeans from The Model? Have you taken guitar lessons with OW Appleton at App’s Music House? Have you been tempted by the delicious orange rolls at the Burlington hotel? Have you laughed and cried through hundreds of films at the Capitol and the Palace? Did you drink ice milk delivered to your back porch by Gustafson Bros. Dairy?

“Beloved Burlington Volume II” will ignite your memories.

“I’m a little overwhelmed. I didn’t expect such a response, ”the Rochester, New York-based writer said in 2019.

Sutter founded Sutter Communications in 2015 and hosted a book signing for the first “Beloved Burlington” just before the pandemic big shutdown.

Sutter is the great-granddaughter of Joseph R. Sutter, founder of Sutter Drug Co. She published “Sutter’s Sodas Satisfy: A memoir of 90 years of Sutter Drug Co.” in 2015 and it has proven popular with those who remember the drugstore and its iconic soda fountain.

Sutter has been “crazy for words” – the motto of Sutter Communications – ever since her mother started taking her to the public library as a child. She co-founded her school’s eighth-grade newspaper, The St. Paul Hilltopper, and has become an award-winning journalist with over 30 years of writing, editing, blogging and managing magazines, websites. Web and newspapers across the country – including a stint as a reporter at The Hawk Eye. She is the former president of the New York State Associated Press Association.

“Jane stood out in her career after THE, rising through Gannett to become editor of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle in New York,” said longtime Hawk Eye editor Dale Alison. “Quite impressive! “

We spoke to Sutter last week about his new book and, of course, the pandemic.

Sutter: I decided to write volume two because I received a very positive response from readers of volume one. I do this as another tribute to the entrepreneurial families, the dedicated workers, the visionary people who founded these various companies.

When I was writing the first volume, I knew there were a lot of other things I was interested in, but I just couldn’t fit them all into the first book.

I had actually started working on volume two before the pandemic, but with more free time in the spring of 2020 when it started, I started to prepare and take volume two writing seriously. And unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I haven’t been back to Burlington since November 2019, when I was there to talk about the first Beloved Burlington.

The hawk eye: Are all your sources local?

Sutter: This book has sources across the country, because a lot of the people I wanted to talk to no longer lived in Burlington. So I had sources from Georgia, Missouri, other parts of Iowa, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona. I have also received help from Librarian Nancy Halls at the Burlington Public Library and I am a subscriber to journalarchive.com, which contains numerous issues of the Hawk Eye and the Burlington Gazette.

So writing the book during the pandemic wasn’t that hard after all thanks to all the electronics I could use.

THE: Have you shopped at The Model?

Sutter: Honestly, I haven’t shopped at The Model, but I know my brother Drew shopped at The Model, and a lot of other boys I knew in high school – Notre Dame and Burlington High – shopped there. . I remember that was the place where, you know, guys would go to get their jeans and maybe even a suit – if they needed a suit.

Bill evans [whose parents owned The Model] was great to talk to; he reminded me that teenage girls came to buy the frilly button-down jeans. I went to Catholic school so I couldn’t wear jeans except on weekends or after school [laughs].

[“She got it right,” Evans told The Hawk Eye.]

THE: It is virtually impossible for anyone to locate the first electric guitar. OW Appleton of App’s Music House is often credited with developing the first electric guitar, but bigger names like Leo Fender and Les Paul are usually credited for it.

Sutter: I took this history on the site dedicated to 0.W. Appleton and talk to his son, Jamie. The information about him inventing the guitar is incidental to what I was trying to do, which was to write about the company.

Every chapter of the book was a lot of fun to write, but I especially enjoyed writing on App’s because it put me in touch with Jamie Appleton the Second, who is 90 years old and lives in Georgia. He was a delight. He and I corresponded by e-mail because, like many older people, he has a hearing problem. We didn’t just correspond on the topic of apps; we eventually corresponded on many other topics because he himself had a very interesting life.

THE: Is it Jamie the second because he couldn’t be younger because he’s a grandson, not a direct descendant?

Sutter: Yes. In the caption on page 27, it is Jamie F. Appleton II.

THE: Just thinking of the Dehner boys, we could smell the inside of Dehner’s store. Sutter: Yeah. They had something for everyone in this store – gardeners, sportsmen, boaters, animal lovers, bird lovers. They had it all there.

I really enjoyed the research on Dehner and the discussion with Rosie Dehner Keeley and Tom Dehner. I kept remembering my own family’s business because it was pretty much the same with the patriarch starting the business, passing it on to his children and grandchildren, and I just felt that close Dehner family spirit while writing about their family business.

THE: Will you write about The Hawk Eye in Volume III?

Sutter: Well, that would be quite a book.

Brandt will sign both volumes of “Beloved Burlington” from 11 am to 2 pm on Saturday, November 13 at Burlington By The Book, 301 Jefferson St., before speaking at 1:30 pm on Sunday, November 14 at the Des Moines Departmental Heritage Center.

Her husband, Gary Brandt, will be signing copies of her new novel, “As Beautiful As This: A novel of war and peace within a American family”.


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