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Claire Levy: John Eastman: Beyond an embarrassment for CU

The Benson Center for the Study of Western Civilization is supporting a visiting scholar in conservative thought and politics to, presumably, provide a conservative scholarship to CU. Although the Center is not funded by tuition and taxes, the Center uses CU resources and represents the University of Colorado through affiliation, website presence and access to students, faculty. and classrooms.

John Eastman, the most recent conservative “scholar”, embarrassed CU by publishing an article posing a false theory of birth that questioned Kamala Harris’s eligibility for vice president. Disguised in the language of legal theory, the article purported to present scholarship, but actually only served to stir up racial animosity towards a person of color and an immigrant child serving as vice president.

The public is now learning that Mr. Eastman not only joined Donald Trump in the rally that sparked the violent attack on the United States Congress, he drafted a detailed memorandum on the necessary measures. to thwart the recognition of the duly elected president of the United States. Eastman has been actively engaged in efforts to prevent the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to another, by giving legitimacy to mob violence and lending credibility to the “big lie”. As the author of the roadmap to keep Donald Trump in power, Eastman is an integral part of the history of this sordid period.

John Eastman’s service as a visiting scholar under the auspices of the Benson Center will forever remain a stain on the University. I call for a re-examination of the structure of the Benson Center to ensure that there is sufficient oversight to prevent the university from once again welcoming this kind of pseudo-academic.

Claire Levy


Fred Clare: Trump: the lies keep pouring in

From Fox News Sept. 24: “Arizona Republicans concluded their audit of the 2020 presidential election on Friday and said in a letter to the Attorney General that the examination’s overall tally matched the November results.” (Confirming that Biden won.)

From Trump’s September 25 rally: “We won the Arizona forensic audit yesterday at a level you wouldn’t believe. “

Fred claire


Gary Sprung and Carolyn Hales: Rooms are for people: a step in the right direction

The Boulder Occupation Act says no more than three unrelated people can share a home. It exempts families from this limit based on the mistaken assumption that families are cleaner, quieter, and better neighbors. We live in a single family neighborhood in North Boulder adjacent to a rental home. We have seen many tenants come and go. Among them, the four unrelated students were the best neighbors. The outdoor parties were small and ended at a reasonable time. The yard was clean and they only had two cars. In contrast, a large family renting the property had many outdoor guests and events, many cars, and rarely mowed the lawn, allowing weed seeds to spread freely throughout our gardens. Another family made the yard so dirty that we used the term “junkyard”.

Neighbors influence each other through noise, neglected landscapes and cars parked on the street. We have laws to deal with the first two. The issue of parking is being addressed in neighborhoods as part of the city’s parking permit program, which could be expanded to additional areas. Instead of forcing evictions from people trying to make ends meet by sharing housing, our government should focus on the real ways we affect each other. Regulating who lives in a house is not a legitimate function of government.

The Rooms are for People initiative does not eliminate government regulations on who can live with whom, but it is a step in the right direction. Please vote yes on the issue of ballot 300.

Gary Sprung and Carolyn Hales


Ellen Wagner: Masks: Every Death Counts

David Dwier’s letter (September 23) was very interesting to me as a person who values ​​critical thinking. Oddly enough, Dwier gave no argument for his position, simply claiming that the masks somehow restrict the “education” of students. Truly?

When students, teachers and school staff are masked, COVID rates drop. This allows schools to continue to educate students in a safe and effective manner, and it allows students to gain a better education because they are at school in the same room as their teachers, able to concentrate better, to ask questions more easily, to interact with teachers and classmates. Without masks, more students get sick, more teachers and staff get sick (and some die), and more students are quarantined at home, without access to an education equal to that of their children. classmates. So much for this non-argument.

But that no-argument pales in comparison to Dwier’s claim that COVID has a “global death rate of 3.4% among worst-case reported cases.” If only 3 or 4 people die out of every 100 who contract COVID, does that mean that it is an acceptable loss compared to the inconvenience of children, teachers and staff having to wear masks? Is it nothing? I wonder how the parents of students who died from COVID, or the spouses and families of teachers and staff who died from COVID, would respond to Dwier’s cavalier rejection of their suffering and loss. These deaths matter to other human beings, if not to Dwier.

Masks in schools (1) therefore prevent COVID infections in children too young to be vaccinated; (2) protect all teachers and staff, even if vaccinated, against chronic infections common in the most vulnerable; and (3) protect the families and friends of all students, staff and teachers who might unknowingly transmit the virus to others. Case closed.

Ellen wagner


Robert Porath: CU Sud: Where has our insight gone?

By continuing to develop its “south campus”, the university and city council have done the citizens of Boulder and the world a disservice.

Much like Google, another city council favorite, CU is just another ever-expanding corporate entity. There are too many uncertainties in the future to consider this project as having an adequate vision of the realities of climate change. The world simply cannot continue to “carry on” the old ways. Boulder was once considered an insightful city. This is no longer true.

Robert porath


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