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JERSEY SHORE – “Do what is right for the children” Parent Ann Marie Pfirman urged the Jersey Shore area school board at their meeting as she advocated for an optional mask policy for students in the district.

“I am here as a soldier of God fighting to maintain our constitutional and God given rights”, Pfirman told the board.

She added that as she prepared to speak, she realized that none of the board members “Publicly defended the rights of our children or our parents.”

“I ask you to stop hiding behind threats from bullies and power-grabbing elitists who don’t know you or who have a shred of concern for you or our

children, ”she added.

Pfirman noted that due to what she claims to be the council’s inaction, some parents and citizens have taken action by sending a letter from their lawyer to the school board.

“We hope that you will now work with us and that masking will be optional for our children and that you will stop the segregation practices that the district has allowed teachers and administrators to do in our classrooms.” Pfirman said.

“If you are not working with us, we will consider taking further action. “ she added.

Other parents and a student reiterated Pfirman’s request that masks be optional for students during the public comments section of Monday’s meeting. The board did not respond to comments.

Under staff items, the board accepted the resignations of: Chelsea Sweely, middle school babysitter; Nancy Harrow, high school lunch instructor; and Jeffrey Miller, gardener. A retirement letter from Pamela Farr, chef at Salladasburg Elementary School, was also accepted.

The following appointments were approved with the stipulated allowances: Robert Lundy, assistant college football coach, $ 4,021; and Chris Bilbay, part-time college football assistant coach, $ 2,010.

Positions and allocations for the college musical, “Parents just don’t understand: the musical” approved: Monica Richards, drama coach, $ 1,499; Andrea Bowers, music production coach, $ 1,499; Nichole Bechdel, lighting, $ 375; Wanda Derr, stage manager $ 1.375; Liza Smith, stage manager $ 2,375; Haley Enders, public relations, $ 375; Keith Bowers, design and production of production sets, $ 563; and Quinn Henry, sound, $ 375.

Daniel Bergman’s appointment as an elementary music teacher at a salary of $ 63,935, prorated, effective September 28 has been approved. Jennifer Rieck has been approved as a fitness center instructor at a rate of $ 10 per hour.

The board approved the exemption of $ 667.85 of food service debt and $ 80.00 of technology debt due to the relocation of students without a forwarding address. These debts were incurred before the introduction of the free meals program for school-aged children.

The renewal of an agreement with the Geisinger Clinic to perform sports physical examinations for students and to review and sign standing orders for the district has been approved. A collaboration agreement between the district and Merakey for intensive behavioral health services was also approved.

The Board approved the following donations: $ 275 from Donor Choose for healthy snacks for students in Dr. Jennifer McKee’s Learning Support Class; $ 303 from donor Choose for four double-sided magnetic tiles and a large clip box for building words in McKee’s classroom; and 180 cases of Gatorade, Gatorade Protein Bars and Shakes for the Love Center District Sports Program.

The next council meeting will be on October 11 at 7 p.m. at the Middle School Auditorium, 601 Thompson St.

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