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MONROVIA – The administration of the Kolu Sokodolo International Academy has identified and certified several of its students who have passed the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) exams just administered.

Founded in October 2019, the school is a tuition-free institution that provides educational opportunities for hundreds of children of struggling Liberian parents.

It is located in the Smell No Taste community in Margibi County, outside of Monrovia.

All ten students sent to take the WAEC exams were successful in all subjects.

As part of efforts to recognize and encourage students to aim higher and take their education seriously, the school administration handed out certificates of appreciation to students on Monday (Jan. 10).

Speaking during the presentation, the Director of the school, Mrs. Emma M. Mabande attributed the success of the students to the efforts of school authorities, teachers and parents.

She noted that the students were proud not only of themselves and their respective families, but also of the school and the administration.

“We want to bless God and we want to thank, say thank you to our teachers and even to parents and the student body. We are happy and happy to certify them today and we hope that the Kolu Sokodolo International Academy does not stop there. We pray to continue working together to advance this dream ”.

For his part, the Country Director of the Kolu Sokodolo Children’s Foundation in Liberia, Mr. Monue Shine Gbelemah, expressed his thanks and gratitude to the school’s main financiers, Mr. and Mrs. Walters for seeing the need. to create the institution.

He recalled that the couple had not hesitated to ensure the construction of the school shortly after an assessment carried out found that the parents of the vast majority of the children in the community could not afford to pay their expenses. fees at various private schools operating in the area.

According to him, Mr. and Mrs. Sokodolo played a very important role in the provision of teaching materials, teachers’ salaries, among others for the maintenance of the school.

Mr. Gbelemah pointed out that most of the people who attend school are orphans who lost their parents as a result of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in Liberia and the recent coronavirus pandemic.

“Over 300 children were sitting in the community and not going to school. And I thought to myself, feeding these children is not everything but what can we do for their future? We started the process and Madam Kolu Sokodolo was touched and she said we could do it ”.

“I want to say to the CEO (Kolu Sokodolo), who I would normally call Iron Lady and her husband, thank you very much. This vision will not die; it will continue, no matter what comes or happened ”.

Mr. Gbelemah revealed that in addition to running a free school in Margibi, the Kolu Sokodolo Children’s Foundation has also provided cash or in-kind assistance to hundreds of less fortunate Liberians in Montserrado, Grand Cape Mount, Bomi and in other parts of the country.

He used this medium to call on international partners and philanthropic organizations to see a reason to lend a hand in advancing the foundation’s humanitarian work in Liberia.

“The children you see here today are the future leaders; we cannot do it alone and therefore, we need a helping hand especially for this school. Sometimes these students come to school and there is no food; some of them do not have uniforms; we have to go the extra mile to meet their needs. It is God who helps us to cross ”.

Mr. Gbelemah cited teaching materials, including books, payment of teachers’ salaries, shoes for students, among the basic needs of the school.

He expressed the hope that the school will be raised and extended to other communities after providing the necessary support.

He praised the students to make them proud of themselves and their parents as well.

Mr. Gbelemah observed that although many people viewed schools that offer free programs as “backyard schools,” students from the Kolu Sokodolo International Foundation debunked the myth and showed that the school is up to date. height.

“This school is up to the task and you can’t underestimate the small start and we pray that God can help us. You see these children, we are very proud of them and that is why we gave them certificates to say thank you for a job well done ”.

“If you can’t even come to our school to support the education system, you can go to another school. There is a child in Gbarpolu, Grand Cape Mount and other places who has to go to school; help them and let them go to school because the children are the pillars of the nation. All we can do is come together, support and promote them ”.

Also speaking, a parent of one of the students, Mr. Nathaniel Saah praised the school authorities for identifying with the students after their introduction to the public test.

He described the exercise as a “good and kind gesture” that will greatly contribute to the lives of beneficiaries and the country as a whole.

“Looking at the economic situation in our country – to have such a tuition-free school – it takes the grace of God for someone to take their hard-earned money, open a school and make it tuition-free. I want to say a very big thank you, encourage the staff, the country director and the CEO for their continued support ”.

He added that students are the future leaders of Liberia and as such, they must have all the supports if they are to be successful in the future.

Mr. Saah has promised to work with the school administration to ensure its elevation to another level.

“I want to congratulate the school staff and the principal for dedicating their time to the school and the students. We see progress ahead and I must congratulate them for their efforts, ”said Mr. Victor Weah, Acting President of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

The certified students, however, expressed their thanks and appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Sokodolo, their principal and their teaching staff for shaping their minds and preparing them adequately for the public exam.

Meanwhile, school authorities also certified and presented cash prizes to the principal and two other people including Mr. Joe Chea and Helena K. Blapleh for the immense contributions and tireless efforts to diligently shape the minds of the students.

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