Law and order situation under control in Swat – The Friday Times

The Senate Defense Committee headed by the Chairman, Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, received a comprehensive briefing on the security situation in Swat amid reports of the resurgence of the TTP and attacks taking place against civilians and civilians. soldiers.

The Committee was assured that the authority of the state is paramount and that the law and order situation is under control. Particular appreciation was expressed for the role of CTD Malakand whose police forces, levies and paramilitaries have played a heroic role in preserving, protecting and promoting peace as well as the lives of the local people. There had been a few incidents but the culprits had been found and arrested.

There was a frank exchange of views among the members of the Committee on this issue. The Committee was of the consensus view that there should be no appeasement or compromise on respect for the rule of law. All those who commit crimes against the people and the state must be arrested, tried by a court and duly punished in accordance with the law.

The chief executive of the federal government educational institution also explained how the department operates as it has 386 schools spread across 66 cities of Pakistan across all provinces. The Committee expressed its appreciation and the positive role the department is playing in promoting national integration through education and decided that its meager budget should be increased and brought up to par with the Federal Directorate of Education. The Committee also supported the proposal for the establishment of the National University of Pakistan and the Institute of Inclusive Education.

Initially, Senator Mushahid Hussain welcomed the new Secretary of Defense, Lieutenant General Hamood uz Zaman and appreciated his services as the head of the NCOC, which was primarily responsible for containing the corona virus with a lot of hit.

Senator Mushahid Hussain also said that the committee which represents all political parties, both government and opposition and all provinces has always worked as a bridge between the armed forces and parliament and on national security issues. , the committee speaks across party lines in a unified way.

Furthermore, on matters of national security, the Senate Defense Committee will continue to play its role with unity, vigor and determination.

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