Lawyer Extraordinary Woo’s Park Eun-bin Kdramas One To Watch

Extraordinary Prosecutor Woo has been a wonderful journey for us Kdrama watchers and there is no doubt that we really loved the series. However, the beautiful and talented Park Eun-bin who played the protagonist Woo Young-woo is one of the main reasons we loved this show.

Park Eun-bin really impressed us with her amazing performance as a genius advocate on the autism spectrum, and we know it wasn’t an easy role. She herself said in one of the interviews that the time and effort she put into this role is superior to any other character she played.

If you are not already familiar with the show, it is a legal Kdrama that revolves around genius lawyer Woo Young-woo who is on the autism spectrum. She is lucky enough to work for one of the biggest law firms, but her differences make things difficult for her. However, our genius lawyer navigates through the various lawsuits and helps solve them in her own way.

You can watch this stunningly beautiful Kdrama at netflix.

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That said, even though this is one of her best performances, Park Eun-bin is a versatile actress who has amazed us again and again with her talent. Whereas Extraordinary Prosecutor Woo stole our hearts, we have to find out this Kdrama from the star who wowed us with his talent!

Now, with nothing more, here are five Kdrama’s Park Eun-bin who has to watch soon!

Park Eun-bin’s Kdramas from Lawyer Extraordinary Woo to watch!

The affection of the king

Park Eun-bin’s spectacular performance in The affection of the king is no secret and she exudes superiority in this Kdrama in every scene. She’s able to bring out the gendered character she’s playing that looks so easy and natural that we get sucked into the drama.

The affection of the king revolves around twins born into the royal family, which is seen as a worrying sign. However, the girl is forced to escape from the palace only to reappear years later as the palace maid. However, after the death of the Crown Prince, her brother, she is forced to take her brother’s place. But with the return of her first love, what will be the fate of the princess in disguise?

look The affection of the king on netflix.

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Do you like Brahms?

A jaw-dropping cast can distract from any plot. Park Eun-bin has once again shown that there are no jokes when it comes to acting and she can show emotions that will amaze you. The emotions and expressions she showed in this Kdrama are really not to be missed.

Do you like Brahms? revolves around a Song-ah music enthusiast who, despite her family’s opposition, is accepted into a music school where she is seven years older than her peers. On the other hand, a talented pianist must keep his distance from the woman he loves when he meets Song-ah.

look Do you like Brahms? on netflix.

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Hot Pans League

We can say that Park Eun-bin is capable of playing any role given to him and this drama is just another one of his dramas that will steal our hearts. The passionate and hardworking character who works hard for her baseball team is what she portrays in this Kdrama and makes our blood boil with the same passion for the team.

Hot Pans League revolves around a major league baseball team that needs to show what it’s got after losing. A hardworking leader of this baseball team’s management team and an unlucky general manager then come together to make sure this team proves the world wrong by winning the championship.

look Hot Pans League on netflix.

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youth age

Last on this list is Park Eun-bin playing the character of a weird roommate with a wonderful heart that can light up any scene on this show. The actor continues to prove why she’s amazing and why we should watch her dramas. This role of a wonderful friend with an inferiority complex sounds like someone we might know in real life, and the actor is pretty good at capturing the emotions of this role.

youth age revolves around five housemates with particular personalities and different backgrounds who have their own issues that they struggle with. The story of their daily life and how they deal with their problems is what we see in this drama.

look youth age on netflix.

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