Lior Poly overcame a lifetime of challenges to become a rising star

Lior Poly’s single “69 Letters”, released in August 2021, hit the Billboard charts and topped the iTunes charts.

The music industry has become a bustling place for young talent in the age of social media and digitalization. Fortunately, passionate people don’t have to wait at the mercy of popular artists or albums to launch their careers in the digital age. While this has opened up endless opportunities for budding musicians, it has also increased competition in this varied space. It takes someone unique and original like Lior Poly make his mark in an already saturated music scene. The up-and-coming talent rose to social media fame in 2020 amid the pandemic as more and more people turned to him for entertainment. What was a blight for millions around the world turned out to be a boon for Lior.

Lior was born in Canada to immigrant parents who left Afghanistan to escape the war. Since childhood, Lior has been discriminated against in the neighborhood because of his appearance. As if that wasn’t enough for him, Lior lost his father to a heart attack when he was 4 years old. This ultimately led to a difficult childhood watching her mother struggle to make ends meet. Things went from bad to worse when his mother remarried. Lior’s stepfather never treated him well and even refused to pay for his education after he turned 16. Lior was alone in his high school, working in restaurants to support his studies.

At 18, Lior entered the modeling industry, but his career stalled. He barely earned enough to pay his bills. It was then that he decided to rekindle his lost childhood passion for music. growing up in poverty, Lior knew he could never afford to join a music school, so he had given up on becoming a musician. However, growing up, Lior was exposed to the world of social media. He knew this was the platform he was looking for. Lior started writing songs at 21, learned to play the guitar through several YouTube tutorials, and eventually launched his YouTube channel under his stage name, Lior Poly, in 2018 when he was 22. .

The first 50 songs he recorded failed to make an impact on the public, but Lior persisted. Even though his videos only got 50-100 views, Lior continued to learn from each one until he perfected his craft. Sound 51st song, “The Rebel in Me,” released in March 2020 amid the pandemic, became a huge hit. The song gained over 2 million views in less than 2 months, growing its subscriber base to over 140,000 in just 6 months. This overwhelming response from music enthusiasts around the world became Lior’s biggest inspiration to pursue a career in music. He immediately quit his modeling job to focus on creating music.

Today, Lior has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and over 120,000 average monthly listeners on Spotify. His single “69 Letters”, released in August 2021, hit the Billboard charts and topped the iTunes charts. This achievement further cemented his position as an up-and-coming star in the music industry as offers from big-name artists poured in.

Lior has collaborated with popular DJ Reez for his next project, which is a cross-genre presentation. It has the magic of the pop creations of Lior with the rock mastery of Reez. Lior is working hard on this project, which he believes will resonate with his audience, captivating them like never before.

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