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ISLAMABAD: National Health Services (NHS) Minister Abdul Qadir Patel announced on Friday that the leadership of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) had been suspended.

However, the move shocked many in the health fraternity as the minister suspended the administrative head of the hospital without even asking for an explanation from the clinical head of the hospital, who was responsible for patient safety. .

In a social media post, the Minister said the Hospital Director (Dr Khalid Masood), Chief of Infectious Diseases, Director of Mother and Child Hospital (MCH) and Head Pharmacy have been suspended .

However, according to Dr Masood, the minister did not have the power to suspend him as it violated the Medical Teaching Institutions (MTI) Act.

Hospital manager says Mr Patel not allowed to do so under MTI Act

On July 1, the condition of three pregnant women in the gynecology department of Pims became critical and they had to be transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU). One of the patients died while the other two recovered and were later discharged.

On July 5, Mr Patel announced that he had become aware of the alleged use of infected syringes at Pims, adding that criminal proceedings would be taken against the hospital management if the allegation was proven.

On July 6, a medication control team visited the Pims gynecology department store and took six samples of medications and surgical items for testing.

The hospital management sent a report to the ministry regarding the three patients whose condition had become critical and one of whom had died.

It was claimed that the woman had died of a cerebral hemorrhage and that there was nothing wrong with the anesthesia and surgical tools.

Samples were also sent to the Armed Forces Cardiology Institute (AFIC) for a second opinion on the quality of anesthesia and injections.

A three-member Board of Inquiry, headed by Associate Professor Dr Mumtaz Ahmed Khan, has been set up to investigate the incident.

The other committee members are Assistant Professor Dr. Naseem Akhtar and Dr. Zoofeshan Jabeen Fatima.

Mr Masood said that under the MTI Act, the minister had no power to suspend him.

“The MTI Act is fully enacted and states that in the event of an incident, the Minister or Ministry may request the Board of Governors (BoG) to conduct an investigation and send recommendations.

“If the ministry is not satisfied with the recommendations of the investigation report, it can carry out an investigation itself. Even then, the ministry cannot remove the director of the hospital but can recommend the BoG to take appropriate action,” he said.

A Pims chief medical officer said differences between Pims management and the ministry had increased since the change of government, with the ministry keen to take control of the hospital.

“It is a shock to me to learn that the administrative head of the hospital has been removed from his post following the death of a patient. Not even a show cause notice has been issued to the clinical head of the hospital. hospital, which is responsible for patient safety.

“Unfortunately, this gives the impression that efforts are being made to obtain administrative powers from the hospital rather than addressing patient safety issues,” he said.

According to health department sources, samples taken from the Pims store on July 6 have been sent to the lab but the report has not yet been received.

Posted in Dawn, July 9, 2022

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