Montclair State Students Win Award for Motown Curriculum

Instructor Larry Weiner (center) with award-winning Montclair State University students (left to right) Joanna Zaccardi ’21, ZW Gleason ’21, Gabi Bartnik ’21 and Christina Giordano at the 53rd edition of the Jersey Awards. (SHORT STATE UNIVERSITY OF MONTCLAIR)

Four students from the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University won a 2021 Jersey Award for their work on a Motown program guide for the Motown Museum in Detroit.

The students received the award at the NJ Ad Club’s 53rd Annual Jersey Awards on September 29.

The Motown Curriculum Guide, soon to be tested in college music classes, was created last spring by recent graduates Gabi Bartnik, Joanna Zaccardi, and Christina Giordano, who is in her final semester.

The guide focuses on the music and performers of the legendary record company, the racial and social justice issues of the day, and the business methods of Motown founder Berry Gordy. It will eventually be available to educators across the country from the Motown Museum website.

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