Morgan Wade recalls mean girls at school telling her she had a weird voice growing up: ‘I think that was the best thing that ever happened’

Morgan Wade is a superstar in the making.

And she recently returned home to southwest Virginia to talk about her childhood and how she got into music at a young age.

She grew up in Floyd, Virginia, about 2.5 hours from the house her family now lives in, and says she would go to Floyd’s store every Friday night with her family and listen to bluegrass:

“Every Friday night at the Floyd country store, all the bluegrass players get together and hang out on the streets and just play music.

It was my first introduction to live music, it was my first, like, gigs. My grandfather, he loves the violin, it was his favorite instrument.

So that led him to buy me a violin, which kind of led me here today. I hated the violin, wanted to play guitar and ended up playing guitar.

One of her earliest musical inspirations was Elvis, and she immediately became obsessed with his music and showmanship:

“I remember I was in first grade and I was just electrified by Elvis. Eventually, my mom took me to Graceland. He was different, and he didn’t fit any mold and he just blazed his own trail. And so I really connected to that.

I love “Suspicious Minds”, it’s one of my favorite songs, and the guys and I started playing it live on the last tour. And then we went and recorded it and put it on Reckless deluxe, and it was really fun.

And her grandmother was someone who influenced her writing from the age of six or seven, because she kept a journal every morning and Morgan took notice.

She noted that for a long time she wouldn’t write her songs, as she feared they weren’t good enough:

“As soon as I remember writing, I was probably six or seven. My grandmother, she got up every morning and kept a diary, so I think that was kind of something I had in mind, but I didn’t want anyone to see what I was writing.

So very rarely I would write anything down, just memorize it.

But one of the experiences she remembers most was when a group of mean girls at school told her she had a weird voice.

Obviously they didn’t know what they were talking about, because I think Morgan has one of the best, grittiest, most recognizable voices in the genre right now. And mean girls being mean girls, I’m sure they only told him that because they knew how good she was and they were just jealous that they didn’t have those blowjobs.

As someone who quickly became one of country music’s most promising young stars, Morgan can now appreciate how much that inspired her to keep singing, because it was truly what she loved most. than anything else:

“There was like an unofficial singing group at school, and I remember girls telling me your voice was weird.

You know, as a kid, you really take these things very personal. and for me, I think that was the best thing that ever happened, because I kept doing it because I loved it.

I found a group on Craigslist, and this group of guys, like, gave me this confidence, and I don’t remember everyone being nervous. It was just fine.

And if you haven’t heard the whole story about how she found her band on Craigslist, you can check out this crazy story. here.

Here’s the full video of Morgan back home in Virginia:

And his awesome cover of “Suspicious Minds”:

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