National Museum of African American Music opens new exhibit honoring rap legend Lil Wayne on his 40th birthday

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TN Tribune) – The National Museum of African American Music
(NMAAM) announces a new exhibition with the rapper, songwriter and
executive, Lil Wayne. NMAAM will host an event for local college students to view the artifacts first and engage in a celebration and panel discussion presented by Vanderbilt faculty for the artist. The exhibit includes artifacts donated personally by Lil Wayne and will honor his upcoming 40th birthday on September 27, 2022.

Lil Wayne is the first hip-hop artist to support the museum’s mission and values ​​with a fully curated set of artifacts. The exhibit will feature his ‘Rap Album of the Year’ Grammy, ‘I Am Hip-Hop’ BET award, outfits from classic moments as well as other highlights including his first handwritten letter from Rikers, the CD Tha Block Is Hot and more.

“I’m so grateful to be working with NMAAM and showing students how hip-hop has been so
affect culture,” Lil Wayne said. “Shout out to NMAAM for all the birthday love.”
In addition to the unveiling of the exhibit, students will have the opportunity to hear Lil
Wayne virtually. The unveiling will include live music and an interactive engagement allowing students to record themselves to Lil Wayne’s lyrics in the Museum’s Rap Booth and talk about his impact on American music and their lives. NMAAM will host a live open lecture on the impact of Lil Wayne presented by Professors Vanderbilt, Dr. Gillum Sharpley, Associate Chair of African American and Diaspora Studies, and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Centennial Chair and University Professor Emeritus of African Americans and the Diaspora. Studies in special subjects in the humanities, from Dr. King to Lil Wayne.

Although the lecture is part of a pre-existing course, NMAAM in partnership with Vanderbilt
will publish the discussion to students who register to attend the talk in person at the Museum and can view the live stream on NMAAM’s Facebook.

“We are thrilled to honor and introduce Lil Wayne and begin our relationship with such a
generous donation,” said H. Beecher Hicks, III, President and CEO of NMAAM. “On the heels
of Mr. Carter expressing his interest in partnering with us, we found out that ten years ago (on Carter’s 30th birthday (September 27, 2012)) he became the first male artist to surpass Elvis Presley with the most entries on the Billboard Hot 100, with 109 songs. What better way to celebrate his 40th than by commemorating his accomplished career with an exhibition to honor over 25 years of impact on the music we listen to and the multiple genres he has shaped, as well as the story we tell. here at NMAAM.

This special exhibition will be presented until December 27. To visit the museum, visit the
Museum website to purchase tickets and learn more.

The National Museum of African American Music is the only museum in the world dedicated solely to preserving African American musical traditions and celebrating the central role African Americans have played in shaping American music. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the museum shares the story of the American soundtrack by integrating history and interactive technology to honor musical heroes of African-American music past and present. For more information, visit

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