NGO builds special room in primary schools for girls’ privacy


Funds for the construction of the hall were provided by Ndoto in Action, a non-governmental organization.

Speaking here this weekend at the event to put infrastructure back to school, the NGO’s director general, Hussein Salim, said the institution has built a room for female students in need of support. privacy during menstruation, because in the past they missed many classes.

“Statistics show that girls do not attend three to four periods of class per month, 48 periods in total per year during menstruation, and the situation that has affected their performance on exams

In addition to the special room for girls, Salim said his organization provided assistance with the construction of four classrooms, 120 offices, 10 pit latrines and a gutter system to trap rainwater in eight reservoirs that can store 40,000 liters of water.

For his part, the Executive Director of Arusha District, Seleman Msumi, thanked the NGO for its support to the government’s efforts in the education sector, and called on teachers and students to take care of the infrastructure. to improve students in their learning at school.

“We believe that there is now a friendly environment for learning and teaching, it is up to you, teachers and students, to work hard.

“And you girls now have a modern room for more privacy, use the room well because you won’t have to miss classes on your period, work hard in your classes to get better grades passing the exams, “he said. added.


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