North Colonie Elementary School vandalized with racist graffiti

COLONY – The North Colonie Schools Superintendent issued a moving statement on Sunday after saying Forts Ferry Elementary School had smashed windows, as well as racial slurs and “deplorable pictures” drawn on the exterior of the building at the weekend course.

Superintendent D. Joseph Corr said district maintenance personnel were able to remove the graffiti and secure the broken windows.

But in describing the incident, D. Joseph Corr also said he couldn’t ignore the fact that Forts Ferry is run by new manager Casey Parker, who is black.

“As a community and as an educational institution, we must come together and speak out against this hatred,” Corr wrote in a statement sent to the North Colonie school community and posted on the district’s website. “We cannot and do not want to shy away from the fact that this act happened at Forts Ferry where Dr Parker, a black man, became director in July. We must acknowledge the ugliness and pain of this moment and we We must, in word and deed, stand up and say that racism has no place in our schools.”

Corr said Colonie police are investigating the incident and encouraging anyone to come to his home or any staff member, so the district can “work to support those who have been victimized by these actions, and we will work to find out who did this and hold these people accountable.”

“Let me make it clear that this behavior is unacceptable on all levels, and such racist and hateful language and actions will not be tolerated,” Corr wrote. “Offensive and deeply hurtful to all members of our school community, this heinous act is an affront to everything we strive to be at North Colonie as a welcoming and affirming community.”

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