Our rising star sets her sights on Broadway after a big break

Broadway beckons to one of our brightest lights who has won an exclusive scholarship that could put her on the path to stardom.

Remember the name Saber Lilly Barr because the 17-year-old from Maroochydore is heading to the Big Apple to pursue her childhood dreams.

And, as Frank Sinatra made clear in New York, New Yorkif she can do it there, she can do it anywhere.

Saber Lilly is what is known in the entertainment industry as a “triple threat”: someone who is equally comfortable singing, dancing and performing. Think of Australia’s “Mr Broadway” and Wolverine X-Men character Hugh Jackman and how I Met Your Mother Primetime Emmy and Oscar host Tony and TV star Neil Patrick Harris.

With a host of theatre, TV and film credits already to her name, she walked off stage at the J Theatre, Noosa, and Events Centre, Caloundra, where she opened and closed The Sound of Music Youth Edition performances by the Sunshine Coast Youth Theater this June school vacation in her role as Mother Abbess.

Saber Lilly on stage in Rapunzel – Into the Woods with Buderim Youth Theater Excellence.

And now, his acceptance into New York’s Broadway Artist Alliance (BAA) training studio will allow him to tap into the minds and experience of Tony Award-winning artists such as Jeremy Jordan, Sutton Foster, Lin- Manuel Miranda and Jessie Mueller as course tutors. .

It was an experience that propelled Ariana Grande to fame and fortune.

“Being able to learn from current and active artists on Broadway and ask relevant questions for today’s industry is what’s really valuable to me,” said Saber Lilly.

“Open doors? I’m not sure, although I hope to absorb as much industry information as possible while I’m there. Maybe learn some insider information in New York that we don’t have access to here in Australia.

Her vocal coach Zac Bradford, director of New York Vocal Coaching Australia, based in North Lakes, is convinced that Saber Lilly is a star in the making because she is passionate, focused and serious about performing and continues to work week after week. week. ”.

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“She hones her technical skills through vocal training and regularly performs in productions with Queensland’s top youth theater companies and young performers,” he said.

“Most importantly, Saber Lilly has a sense of joy in playing and singing, it’s a key ingredient in sticking with it through the inevitable ups and downs.”

The BAA Summer Intensive Workshop includes six full days of training surrounded by passionate, like-minded students for motivation.

In addition to being taught by Tony Award winners and leading directors and choreographers from Ripley Grier Studios, participants can receive one-on-one feedback from each masterclass, undertake one-on-one private coaching in their major, and perform in a final. showcase for industry representatives.

Saber Lilly (center) in Catch Me If You Can for Buderim Youth Theatre.

“The number is limited and they only choose serious candidates,” Zac said.

“As a singer and performer, Saber is called upon to gain confidence through learning and skill development.

“I think she’ll get insight into how top Broadway theater performers train, perform, and the specific demands of the industry.”

The Broadway Artists Alliance has dozens of success stories of those who have gone on to perform professionally and have their own national tours. According to Zac, the biggest name to come out of the program is actress and pop music sensation Ariadne Grande.

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Saber Lilly’s two weeks in New York will also be part vacation, traveling with her mother Zali and sister Raine, a talented singer-songwriter, who will also apply for the next class of BAA students.

The former student of Maroochydore High had to drop out of Year 12 due to a combination of factors including contracting Covid in May and a long-term medical condition. But life didn’t slow down for the pocket dynamo.

“I am about to undertake an ultimate program in musical theater which will improve my practical skills in musical theater,” she said.

“One skill I currently don’t have is tap dancing and the Ultimate program teaches that and I’m very excited to learn this new skill.”

Then there’s always the next practice, next audition, next rehearsal, and next show.

In Catch Me If You Can.

Saber Lilly recently attended a week of musical theater audition workshops at the Griffith University Conservatorium and began rehearsals for Nickie’s big, brassy, ​​bold character in Sweet Charityproduced at the end of October by the Buderim Youth Theater of Excellence.

In September, she takes part in a week-long theater residency camp with the Queensland Theatre, and can be seen in Shrek the Musical in Brisbane in December.

Saber Lilly also plans to complete a degree in Screen and Media, specializing in Directing, and continue to build her musical theater credentials through workshops and school holiday performances through Brisbane Junior Theatre.

“My dream career would be to continue to make people laugh or cry with my character roles,” said Saber Lilly.

“Broadway would be the ultimate goal, but that’s not the end of a musical theater career for me.

“I would love to work in the West End, visit family in Britain and travel around Europe. A future dream role would be Anastasia in the musical Anastasia.

“I really like to play comedic roles and I like to hear the audience laughing at my onstage antics.”

Saber Lilly aimed to perform from an early age.

“I can just hear (my mum) now, ‘Sabre, my little performance diva.

“I was the girl who used to put on impromptu singing shows all the time and God forbid if we had guests because it meant a special performance where I would go to my room and rehearse a few numbers and m would dress for the occasion.”

Picture: Facebook

She revealed that in the recent The sound of musicone performance had more than its fair share of behind-the-scenes incidents and was therefore “very exciting” for the cast and crew.

“One cast member passed out, one had a seizure, and another rolled his ankle,” Saber Lilly said.

“I had so much pain in my hip that I limped when I walked. I hope I managed to win as part of the Mother Superior character and it felt like old age.

“We also had a set malfunction that night. The audience had no idea as the actors were all very professional and the show went according to plan with only a slight delay at intermission.

Like Paulette in Legally Blonde for the Brisbane Junior Theatre.

With such a positive attitude, it’s no wonder Saber Lilly is ready to seize any opportunity that presents itself.

“I admire people in the arts who challenge themselves,” she said.

“For example, Meryl Streep was known as an actress and then she appears in musicals. Now we see more and more TV actors on stage in musicals.

“It’s great to see people challenging themselves to go beyond what they’re normally known for.

“That’s what I admire in the performing arts. The possibilities are pretty endless if you’re willing to push yourself and try.

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