Phnom Penh administration issues immunization card mandate exemption guidelines


Young people under 18 have benefited from an exemption from the administration of Phnom Penh for the mandate of the vaccination record.

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The administration of the capital of Phnom Penh has lifted the obligation for young people under 18 to show their vaccination cards in schools. The revision of the mandate of the vaccination card was made public by the administration on October 17.

The administration’s announcement letter specifies:

1. For children and adolescents from 6 to 18 years old and children under 6 years old, there is no obligation to present a vaccination record at any time of entry and exit in public educational establishments. and private, as well as in libraries, bookstores, restaurants, food and drink stands located in each establishment.

2. The board of directors or management of all public and private educational institutions in Phnom Penh must establish a mechanism to control the vaccination of professors, teachers, educators, parents, guardians and guests who come and go. in schools properly before admission. at the establishment.

3: In addition to the vaccination record control measures in accordance with the above guidelines, the board or management of all public and private educational institutions in Phnom Penh should continue to ensure that the measures are strictly enforced. health safety, including the requirement to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, sanitation, temperature measurement and QR Code reading, etc.


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