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Try classes like yoga and media in a free society if you find yourself low on credits or looking to drop a class.

Running low on credits, dropping a course, or searching with the registrar for the perfect addition to your fall schedule?

Almost everyone has been there, frantically looking for a last-minute class to add during the first week of classes. Here are some popular courses with high reviews that, luckily for you, still have spots available for this fall semester.

1. AMST 1100: Politics and Cinema
This course focuses on American films and their interaction with existing political structures and theory, known for examining titles like the 1955 class commentary “All that Heaven Allows” and the recently released live musical production “Hamilton.” Former students have praised Professor Elizabeth Anker for her industry knowledge, clarity and personality. The course format includes lectures held on Mondays and discussion sections on Wednesdays, so that students have ample time to access, view and analyze films.

2.LSPA 1029: Yoga
The Lifestyle, Sports and Physical Activity department offers a plethora of one-credit courses to maintain student fitness in a relaxed manner, and its several yoga sections allow students to manage stress and physical well-being. Several yoga sections remain open, with 1.5 hour meetings only once a week, flexible for even the busiest schedules.

3. MATH 1007: Mathematics and Politics
Taught in the Mathematics Department, this course synthesizes logic and arithmetic with political constructs to unpack the interplay of social structures with mathematical thought. A student can expect to approach math in a way they never could in high school, with more writing and decision-making analysis than any other class of its kind. The class will analyze quintessential concepts like the prisoner’s dilemma from a mathematical perspective, learn the numbers behind the Electoral College, and interpret how statistics can impact fair representation.

4. SMPA 1050: Media in a Free Society
The School of Media and Public Affairs prides itself on its top-notch faculty and valuable practical courses for students interested in working in the media. Dr. Sean Aday, a professor with experience reporting from the Kansas City Star and published research on the effects of local television on mass communication, teaches the course material from a position of expertise. While SMPA majors cannot enroll, the class illuminates a new perspective on media production and mass communication in a democratic world, reinforcing the integral role of media in a global society.

5. TAGS 1059: Cycling
In addition to yoga and several other exciting classes available, the LSPA department offers a one-credit cycling class with several spots still available – a very hands-on activity for DC residents. Taught on stationary bikes at the Milken Institute School of Public Health, the course allows students to vary resistance at their own individual level, demonstrating the accessibility of TAGS courses.

6. GEOG 1002: Introduction to Physical Geography
If you are looking for a course to meet GW’s general education scientific reasoning requirement, necessary for all undergraduate students, Physical Geography fits the bill. Topics include weather, cartography and geology. For those who want to avoid a hard science class, this course focuses more on reading than math and still provides students with a solid scientific foundation for their college career.

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