Q&A on our Radar: The Florentines – “We just remember looking at the photo of the Two Door Cinema Club at our school and thinking, ‘If they can do it, why can’t we? “”


The Florentinas are the latest indie thrills to come out of the city center.

How did the group come together?

Everything was done in a very organic way. We had gone to the same school in Bangor and shared a passion for music. Most of the breaks and lunches, we were in the music department chatting or jamming together, and that’s what sparked the connection we share today. It really helps when two of your members are brothers too!

Why did you choose “Sandcastles” as the first single?

What better way to try and burst onto the stage than to choose a catchy, bouncy guitar track? We wanted to make a statement and let everyone know that we’re a guitar band rather than ballads, and we’re not here to screw up. The song perfectly sums up the youthful energy that we are ready to share with everyone.

How did the signing of BMG materialize?

It was just meant to be! Paddy was in London when we received an email from a BMG A&R representative. He had listened to one of our demos on Soundcloud on his way to work, which piqued his interest. The rest of us were at school but Paddy was able to take a call.

He told me on the phone that he bumped into us and liked what we were doing. I could not believe it. I explained that I was in London and ended up going to the BMG offices in Paddington to chat. It was mental. I remember sitting in a room with plush couches, records all over the walls, and a cool mini fridge with fancy drinks! A year later, the pen was finally put on paper after much discussion and of course a major lockdown.

How does Co. Down influence the group?

In our old music classroom, there was a wall of fame for musicians who had left our school to enter the industry. We just remember always looking at the Two Door Cinema Club photo and thinking, “If they can do it, why can’t we? This is the kind of level that we aspire to achieve, so having bands like them and Snow Patrol proves that it is possible. We just have to work really hard for it.

• The Florentinas’ Sandcastles single is now available.


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