Reddam House announces its first results of the International Year of Foundations


11 post-matriculants are the first in the country to successfully complete the International Foundation Year (IFY) bridging program launched in January 2021 by Reddam House Schools of Inspired Education, ensuring enrollment of students at a top university plan within the Northern Consortium of UK Universities (NCUK) *.

The program has been run by NCUK since 1987 and is available in Africa through Brookhouse School in Kenya, a sister school of Inspired. Reddam House is the first South African educational institution to offer the program through a partnership with NCUK. Completing the IFY program is the equivalent of A-Levels, which saves a year in the life of a student leading to a university abroad.

The 11 students of the first “IFY 2021 class” completed the program at “home campuses” via Reddam House Constantia in Cape Town and Reddam House Waterfall in Johannesburg, achieving an impressive total of 10 A * results and eight A results between them.

The NCUK IFY Post-Marital Qualification, which runs from January to July, is meticulously designed to prepare students for entry into the freshman year of a range of thousands of undergraduate courses, with all programs, exams, courses and moderation, provided by NCUK and taught at accredited Reddam House schools.

Reddam House Schools of Inspired Education, ensuring enrollment of students at a leading university within the Northern Consortium of UK Universities – one of them being the University of Kent.

IFY’s academic tracks include medicine, engineering, business, and humanities. Each course includes three academic subjects plus English for Academic Purposes for Power Users (EAPPU).

Andy Straughan, NCUK Associate Director for Africa, Middle East, Europe and the Americas, congratulated both “our wonderful pioneering students for successfully completing the International Year of NCUK Founding, as well as than all academic and center staff for providing excellence in teaching, guidance and support through Reddam House’s first IFY ”. He adds that NCUK is looking forward to welcoming South African students to NCUK University campuses for their first year of undergraduate studies. “We believe they will continue to thrive and be successful in their academic careers.”

Sheena Crawford-Kempster, MD for Education and Ethos at Reddam House Schools in South Africa, says new international education offering that has been proven around the world adds a whole new world of opportunities for post-matriculants south -africans. “Choosing to study abroad is a momentous decision and NCUK provides guidance, guidance and support to help our IFY students in their pursuit of a wide range of studies, with the perfect path to access universities. prestigious international organizations. “

Graham Keats, Academic Director of IFY South Africa (Reddam House) and Program and Student Coordinator in South Africa, said it was an honor to experience the first IFY in South Africa with students and l ‘conference team, all of which adopted the program. and everything he provided.

Keats encourages South African students wishing to study abroad to consider enrolling in NCUK IFY, which will take them through IFY in 2022 and to a leading UK university in September 2022. “This program has the potential to change lives, to be a gateway that helps our students achieve their ambitions to study abroad and pursue successful careers around the world. We have completed our first year of IFY at Reddam House – and we are proud of every participant and stakeholder – including staff and parents.

For more information on the Reddam House IFY program, or to request registration for the 2022 course, visit, and


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