Royal National Mòd – New bagpipe competition format

For those of you who may not be familiar with The Royal National Mod, it is a competitive festival owned and run by An Comunn Gàidhealach, which aims to promote Gaelic language and culture through music, song, dance, theatre, literature and the arts. The Gaelic word ‘mòd’ means ‘a gathering of people’ and this festival was first held in Oban in 1892 and has become Scotland’s first Gaelic festival famous for celebrating our Gaelic linguistic and cultural heritage. It is the main Gaelic language festival and takes place every October in different places in Scotland.

For 2022, the Royal National Mòd (RNM) will be held in Perth between October 14-22, 2022; RNM 2023 will be held in Paisley between October 13-21, 2023; and RNM 2024 will be held in Oban.

They just announced the following:

Senior bagpipe competitions this year Royal National Mod will be scored for the first time, replacing the old competition format at this prestigious event.

The Royal National Mòd, Gaeldom’s premier music and cultural event, returns to beautiful Perth this year from 14-22 October 2022 for the first time in 18 years.

Mod Organizers An Comunn Gàidhealach have joined forces with The Association of Competing Bagpipe Playerswho will be handling registrations through their website this year. The Military School of Highland Bagpipes and Percussionbased at Redford Barracks in Edinburgh, will organize and manage the day’s competitions.

The senior bagpipe event will take place at Perth Theater on Saturday October 15 and will feature A & Premier and B Grade competitions. Both tiers will have a Pìobaireachd and March, Strathspey and Reel event and will require the four standard tunes for each competition. Junior bagpipe competitions will also take place on Saturday October 15 at Perth North Inch Community Campus.

Support for all Royal National Mòd 2022 Piping Competitions comes from the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trustwhich will also present prizes to the winners of the junior bagpipe competitions.

James Graham, Managing Director of An Comunn Gàidhealach, said: “It is wonderful to partner with organizations from around the world of piping for this year’s Royal National Mòd, bringing even more distinction and occasion to these world-class competitions. We are also very grateful to the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust for their generous sponsorship We are confident that this year’s competitions will attract fantastic junior and senior pipers from across Gaeldom and inspire many more.

Derek Midgley, President of the Competing Pipers Association, said: “The Competing Pipers Association are delighted to be working with the Royal National Mòd to bring an additional graded piper event to the solo competition calendar. Due to Perth’s central location, we hope we will see strong support from from our members from all parts of the country to take advantage of this opportunity.With strong attendance this year, we hope we can add additional grades and events for future Royal National Mods.

“The mission of the Competing Pipers Association is to help advance bagpipes in Scotland, and it is an honor to work with the Royal National Mòd to help create a graded piper competition there for the first time. I want to celebrate adding another graded competition to the calendar given the many that have been cancelled, and wish the Royal National Mòd the best of luck with their event. I look forward to a great competition this year and many more in the future.

Chris Duncan, secretary of the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust, said“The Trust is delighted to support the bagpipe competitions at the Royal National Mòd taking place in Perth this year. Gordon himself has always supported and competed at our local Perthshire Mòd and the Royal National Mòd when he could, so it was fitting that we showed our support.

“We see the aims of the Trust as music very much aligned with that of An Comunn Gàidhealach – we want to promote the education of our young people by encouraging the participation and study of our traditional music, and to advance the arts and culture of Scotland by promoting the performance, study and innovative composition of all forms of traditional music, and in particular Highland bagpipe music.

Entries for junior competitions must be submitted by Friday 15e July on

For senior competitors, registration must be made through the Members Only area of ​​the Competing Pipers Association website: Competitors must be members to participate in CPA rated competitions. Registration for senior competitors opens July 25 and closes September 9.

Full details of the Mòd 2022 entry system and curricula can be found at and for prescribed parts for Mòd 2022 visit

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