Sean Kelly to Join College of Liberal and Fine Arts Leadership to Launch New Interdisciplinary School of Humanities | UTSA today | UTSA

Like the new School of Art and School of Music, the proposed interdisciplinary school is the result of the tactical visioning exercise to remake COLFA by strengthening social science research, re-engaging in arts education and reimagining the humanities.

Earlier this year, Martínez created a task force to clearly articulate the benefits of an interdisciplinary school, identify existing and new programs to house in the school, and establish protocols for college and university collaboration. The new school is expected to open in the fall of 2023.

In 2020, while acting dean of COLFA, Kelly initiated the visioning process to identify the college’s greatest strengths and opportunities among its nine academic departments, following the launch of the College for Health, Community and Policy.

“Faculty and staff at our college are enthusiastic about the interdisciplinary school. With his experience and insight, Sean Kelly is uniquely positioned to advance interdisciplinary programming, research, and scholarship within the college and promote further classroom-to-career opportunities for our students,” said Martínez.

Kelly has served as Dean of Honors College since 2016. The college is open to students of all academic disciplines and currently has 1,700 students. Over the past few years, dozens of UTSA Honors College students have been recognized with nationally competitive awards, including Fulbright Student Program Grants, International Gilman Scholarships, and Graduate Scholarships from the National Science Foundation. A record four UTSA students have been named Barry Goldwater Scholars for Excellence in Undergraduate Research in 2021.

As Dean of Honors College, Kelly led the transformation of the college’s curriculum to create The Honors Experience, which focuses on research, study abroad and service-learning opportunities to prepare students to their future career. Under his leadership, the college revised admissions requirements and increased scholarship opportunities to diversify and expand specialized education and programs, resulting in an increase of more than 75% in enrollment.

Among many accomplishments, Kelly introduced the college’s experiential learning fair for students to share their out-of-class experiences with the campus community. He also introduced the college’s Citymester program, which partners with businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations to create internships, service-learning projects, and networking opportunities for students. of UTSA.

In 2020, Kelly oversaw the creation of Honors Residential College, a comprehensive living learning community for all Honors College freshmen. This year, approximately 350 new Honors College students live at Guadalupe Hall as part of Honors Residential College. Under his tenure, the college also relocated to the Graduate Studies and Research building to position administrative support offices closer to on-campus housing and to create a multifunctional and collaborative space for students, including the research lab. experiential learning.

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