Stevens High School celebrates musical commitments

RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA) — On May 23, students at Stevens High School were recognized for their commitment to pursuing music at the college level. This is the first time that Stevens has organized this type of event for high school musicians. The 26 senior graduates are heading to schools in South Dakota and the United States.

The music department includes a band, choir and orchestra. A high school faculty member said he hoped the students would be recognized beyond their group of family and friends. Stevens students have attended prestigious schools for many years, and this is the first time students have been officially recognized for their commitment. George Dragoo, music instructor at Stevens High School, adds that they hope it will inspire young students to pursue music at the college level: “I hope it shows them that they can continue making music after graduation. high school. That they see that they can get scholarships, even if they don’t major in music, but have the opportunity to take everything they’ve learned and make the leap. next step and to continue, even beyond the university. This will inspire younger students to see this next step.

According to a high school student, preparing and inspiring students is what teachers at Stevens High School do best. The arts opened a whole new door for a student, and they used it to their advantage to advance their college choir.

“They all have a passion for the arts themselves and seeing how they turned their love for the arts into a career was really exciting. Meeting new people and other students who were equally passionate about it and nurturing my love for that was really great,” said Deirdre Martin, a senior graduate who will be attending the University of Northern Colorado in the fall.

Students who have signed up at the college level for the group include:

Hayden Bentz, Sophie Bernhard, Sam Blackett, Dylan Blair, Nathan Davis, Brady Dressler, Rae Hanzlik, Connor Knigge, Ethan Palmreuter, David Robbins, Kristoffer Short (band and choir), Maddie Sliper, Tae Swanson, Nick Tilles.

Choir students who will move on to the college level include:

Kaci Kirschenman, Deirdre Martin (chorus and orchestra), Ella Monroe, Emma Thurness, Noah Westergaard.

Four students will participate in their college orchestra, including:

Morgan Boll, Levi Busching, Chloe van Heuveln, Carter Schmitz.

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