TAKE3 embraces the full spectrum of musical entertainment

TAKE3, the revolutionary musical trio, presents their unexpected and unique compositions at Husson University’s Gracie Theater on Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 7 p.m. The generous support of the John Kilgore Fund makes this concert possible.

“What I love about TAKE3, besides their rock star charisma, is the incredible range of music they bring to their gigs. They can play everything from the Beatles and Leonard Cohen to the popular ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi,” said Jeri Misler. , General Artistic Director of the Gracie Theatre.

TAKE3 is a cross band of strings, piano, voice and percussion. Yanni’s star violinist Lindsay Deutsch leads the group. Trained in the best conservatories in the world, the artists who make up this musical trio draw their inspiration from various musical influences.

“At a TAKE3 concert, you’ll hear selections from Beethoven and The Beatles; popular TV and movie hits, including music from ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, as well as chart-topping pop hits. charts like Coldplay.” Misler continued. “Furthermore, TAKE3 likes to go back to its roots of classical programming and make this music accessible to audiences who otherwise might not have the opportunity to hear it. These world-class artists are so much more than great artists; they connect with their audience on an emotional level.”

As part of their interactive lighting and musical performance, TAKE3 shares comedic stories with their audience about their development. Talking about their early days in dungeon-like basement practice rooms at classical conservatories, they also discuss the life-changing opportunities that presented themselves and changed the bands’ musical aspirations. Over the course of their career, TAKE3 have left a powerful impact on viewers across the country. This season, their concert tour takes them to more than 50 American cities.

The artists’ music can be heard throughout the popular Netflix show, “The Witcher”. Their work on the Sony soundtrack was a “Number 1” hit on the charts and received millions of streams worldwide.

Tickets for the concert range from $15 to $25, depending on seating, and are available by calling the theater box office at 207-941-7888 or visiting Gracie’s website at https://www.gracietheatre. com.

The Gracie season was made possible through the generous support of the Bangor Savings Bank. The theater also thanks the support provided throughout the season by other show sponsors, including Downeast Toyota, Governor’s Restaurant and Bakery, The Mimi Foundation and Pepsi.

The Gracie Theatre, a collaboration between artists, students and university members, is an intimate and inviting performing arts facility that offers hands-on experiential learning and technical support. to the Husson University community through a combination of diverse cultural programs and community engagement. . Learn more about the Gracie Theater and upcoming shows at GracieTheatre.com.

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