Talented singer-songwriter Molly helps others with social anxiety through her music – Armagh I

A talented teenager who once suffered from crippling social anxiety has opened up about how singing has helped her and she hopes her lyrics will in turn help others.

Molly Bermudez (17), from Tullysaran, is a student at MD Rafferty Music School in Armagh and hopes to make music his career.

As a young teenager, she felt anxious when among large crowds of people her own age and feared she wouldn’t fit in.

However, since then, despite still being anxious at times, she has gained confidence and made friends, largely through the music and lyrics of other songwriters.

And, as part of that trip, she shared a video with Armagh I of her singing one of her own compositions, Meant to be – the first time anyone outside of his family and guardian Marty Rafferty heard him.

Molly is largely self-taught, having spent hours singing and listening to music in her bedroom, and is also learning the guitar.

She said: “I just want to raise awareness, to let people know that they are not alone, even if they feel different from others.

“The singer I always looked up to who suffered from social anxiety was Shawn Mendes. He would get on stage and sing, but then he would talk about his anxiety and nervousness when he was off stage, and I thought “that’s exactly how I feel”.

“There have been performances where I’ve had panic attacks before and I was like, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to do this’ but when I get on stage it’s always fine.

“The singing takes over and I’m not nervous anymore.”

Molly, who comes from a musical family – her grandfather Paddy Donnelly was a member of the National Ramblers band – has written three songs to date and is working on another.

Meant to be is about friendship and feeling that you don’t fit in anywhere, but realizing that at every stage of your life, you’re meant to be at that stage,” she said.

“It’s about being happy with the present, whatever it is.”

another song, another part of me, talks about her dreams of being a singer while help me believe in myself is based on the song by Shawn Mendez In my blood, about his social anxiety.

Molly said: “My singing is what helps me. I’m going to get on stage and do my best to help everyone feel like they belong.

“The good thing about music is that people draw from it different messages and perspectives, to find what helps them.”

The teenager, who is studying beauty at Southern Regional College and plans to do an HND in music at the local campus, is currently working on another song due to social media pressures.

Marty Rafferty said: ‘When Molly first came to me for voice lessons I told her there wasn’t much I could teach her that she didn’t already know.

“She had been sitting in her bedroom for years listening to Beyoncé and learning breathing techniques. So I told him that I would teach him the guitar and help him play.

“His voice really stands out. Nobody heard her original songs except me and her family, but I told her that she really needed to release them and send her songs to labels.

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